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The difference between Yiwu psychiatrist and psychological counseling

What is the difference between Yiwu psychiatrist and psychological consultation?

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Detailed introduction

What is the difference between Yiwu psychiatrist and psychological consultation?

We are a little confused about how to distinguish between a psychologist and a counselor. Here is a general introduction.

If it is psychological confusion, you can directly find a counselor. The counselor usually works in an individual studio or a counselor and can provide professional services. Yiwu Feimigrain Psychological Counseling Room (Jin Fuyuan A2-010, appointment WeChat 15857927690) has experienced counselors who can solve the problems of marriage and husband and wife relationship, interpersonal relationship, youth tiredness, early love, rebellion, etc. I have a master's degree in psychology and professional professional psychological counseling training.

Most people like to refer to psychologists and counseling together as looking for a psychologist. But there are some differences between the two.

Psychologists generally have a doctor's qualification, that is, they have basically graduated from medical school and work in hospitals. The scope of their work is patients, such as dysfunction, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and schizophrenia. They usually prescribe drugs to patients, and sometimes do psychological talks, but the talks are supplementary, and basically they are based on medications. The talks are only routine operations and are not particularly in-depth.

Psychological counselors do not have the qualifications of doctors, so they cannot prescribe medicines. They usually graduate in psychology, and they mainly work in individual practice or work in psychological consulting companies, schools, women's federations and other places. The visitors to the counselor (the consultant usually refers to the guest as a visitor) are usually normal people, but these people may have many psychological confusions that cannot be resolved by themselves, and require outsiders' help, such as very bad husband and wife relationship , Child rebellion, early adolescent love, poor interpersonal relationship, poor relationship between mother-in-law, and child-weariness. Because these problems are not pathological, it is not very appropriate to go to the hospital, these generally only need to be cured by a psychological counselor. Of course, psychological counselors can also assist patients with some patients (such as dysfunction, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.). For these patients, taking medicine is the cure for the symptoms, which temporarily relieves their pain, and the effect is relatively fast. Psychological consultation is a cure for the root cause, allowing the patient to figure out something from the heart. Generally speaking, mental illnesses require a good combination of both treatment and counseling.

therefore. If you are sick, you will usually go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. In Yiwu, the Yiwu Third Hospital is a specialized psychiatric hospital with a psychiatric department.

Yiwu Feimigrain Psychological Consultation Co., Ltd. provides the difference between Yiwu psychiatrist and psychological consultation, where is a psychiatrist expert organization, providing services, business services, consulting services, other consulting detailed product prices, product pictures and other product introduction information. You can directly contact Yiwu Feimipi Psychological Consultation Co., Ltd.

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