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2020 Shanghai International Industrial Coatings Powder Coatings and Equipment Exhibition

Enlarge fontReduce font 离开展还有109 天状态: Release Date: 2019-12-27 Views: 4 Leave Show and 109 Days Status: status
Exhibition date 2020-04-23 to 2020-04-25
Exhibition city Shanghai
Exhibition address Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center
Hall name Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center
organizer Reed Exhibitions Huayang International Exhibition Co., Ltd. China Surface Engineering Industry Association China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association
organizer Shanghai Race Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Online Registration Online Registration
Show description

Time 2020 4 23 -4 25 Time : April 23 -April 25 , 2020

Venue :上海光大会展中心 ( 漕宝路 88号) Venue : Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center ( 88 Baobao Road )

Supported by :   China Machinery Industry Federation

励展华扬国际展览有限公司 中国表面工程行业协会 中国有色金属行业协会 Organization : Reed Exhibitions Huayang International Exhibition Co., Ltd. China Surface Engineering Industry Association China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association

: 上海赛贸会展有限公司 Organizer : Shanghai Race Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd.

中国铸造协会 武汉材料保护研究所 韩国表面处理新闻社 Industry support : China New Materials Association, China Foundry Association, Wuhan Material Protection Research Institute, Korea Surface Treatment News Agency

中国表面工程协会热喷涂专业*** 中国表面工程协会 Chinese Rare Earth Society Cast Alloy Specialty *** China Surface Engineering Association Thermal Spraying Specialist *** China Surface Engineering Association

中国表面工程协会涂装分会上海市机械工程学会热处理分会 China Iron and Steel Association Powder Metallurgy Association Hard Surface Technology Major *** China Surface Engineering Association Coating Branch Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society Heat Treatment Branch

磨商网 中国研磨网 中国国际表面处理网 中国电镀网 Strategic partners : HC Surface Finishing Net Miller Net China Grinding Net China International Surface Finish Net China Electroplating Net, etc.

Concurrent activities

2020 上海国际表面处理涂装涂料工业环保技术高峰论坛 2020 The 11th Shanghai International Surface Shot Blast Exhibition 2020 Shanghai International Surface Treatment Coating Industry Environmental Protection Technology Summit Forum

2020 中国国际电镀及表面精饰展览会 2020 Shanghai International Surface Polishing Abrasive Materials and Equipment Exhibition 2020 China International Electroplating and Surface Finishing Exhibition

Previous Review

2019年4月22 -24日在上海光大会展中心成功举办,展览面积近30000多平方米,汇集了美国、日本、法国、英国、德国、意大利、瑞士、西班牙、芬兰、瑞典、新加坡、韩国、澳大利亚、中国台湾、香港及中国大陆的近四百多家企业 , 共有来自 27个国家与地区27386人次莅临参观。 The last exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from April 22nd to 24th, 2019. The exhibition area is nearly 30,000 square meters, bringing together the United States, Japan, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Sweden There are more than 400 companies from Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. A total of 27,386 people from 27 countries and regions came to visit. The exhibition brings together the world's leading industrial coatings and powder coatings. This year will strengthen cooperation with national associations in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India and other countries, strengthen the promotion of the exhibition worldwide, and carefully build multiple conferences during the exhibition. It is the most professional, fastest growing and richest country in the country. Effective industry exhibitions, international surface treatment development summit forums, paint coating summit forums, new product and new technology promotion conferences and other international forums or technical seminars during the exhibition period, and strive to provide a high-quality, efficient and internationalization for upstream and downstream enterprises The exhibition platform will benefit every exhibitor or audience. With its unique location advantages, advanced and practical exhibition facilities, and professional service quality, SECHIAN has become a major international exhibition platform to promote the exchange of surface treatment industry at home and abroad.

Enormous Market Demand Enormous Market Demand

2025 》的落地、环境技术的发展,未来制造业环境方面发展的重点是绿色制造。 With the implementation of "Made in China 2025 " and the development of environmental technology, the focus of environmental development in the future manufacturing industry is green manufacturing. The global manufacturing recovery, especially the strong demand from the automotive, aircraft, electronics, and electrical appliances industries, has driven the growth of the industrial coatings and powder coatings industries. Manufacturing industries such as electronics, automotive, aviation, aerospace, marine, light industry and machinery are trending towards automation and high-end technology development. They continuously improve and improve the level of production processes and technical equipment. The supporting surface treatment industry has expanded its application areas, and its future output value and profits are very high Great room for improvement. As China's environmental protection policies become more stringent, environmental protection departments have gradually tightened their discharge standards for wastewater, waste gas, and solid waste. 工业涂料、粉末涂料 需求日益增长,形成一个增长潜力庞大的领域In order to optimize the quality of enterprises, downstream processing enterprises have increasing demands for cleaner production, new environmentally friendly surface treatment technologies, industrial coatings and powder coatings , forming a field with huge growth potential .

Extensive Promotion Campaign for Visitors Extensive Promotion Campaign for Visitors



















Highlights of our exhibition

1. 权威行业协会主办,吸引各方买家团, Authority : 1. Hosted by an authoritative industry association to attract buyers from all parties,

10万优质观众得到上百家包括中国机械工业联合会在内的国内外用户协会、行业协会支持、协办; 2. Share 100,000 high-quality audiences with the support and co-organization of hundreds of domestic and foreign user associations and industry associations, including the China Machinery Industry Federation;

3. Facing high-end buyers in the industry, strong trade audience organization plan

1.组织近万家协会会员单位,上百家国内外用户协会、行业协会近6 万家会员单位现场参观交流; Effectiveness : 1. Organized on- site visits and exchanges of nearly 10,000 member associations, hundreds of domestic and foreign user associations, and industry associations ;

2. Invite nearly 100,000 user companies to visit and exchange on site.

1.几十家国际行业协会支持、协办; Affect the world: 1. Supported and co-organized by dozens of international industry associations;

2. Hundreds of media at home and abroad closely follow and report.

Range of exhibition   Exhibition Scope

水性汽车涂料、水性铁路车辆涂料、水性重防腐蚀涂料、水性集装箱涂料、水性木器漆等。Water-based industrial coatings: water-based automotive coatings, water-based railway vehicle coatings, water-based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings, water-based container coatings, water-based wood coatings, etc.

底漆、中涂漆(二道底漆)、面漆、罩光漆、防锈涂料、防腐涂料、导电涂料、耐高温涂料、隔热涂料等。Automotive paint: primer, middle paint (two primers), top coat, overcoat paint, rust-proof paint, anti-corrosive paint, conductive paint, high-temperature-resistant paint, heat-insulating paint, etc.

氟碳树脂涂料、聚偏氟乙烯氟碳涂料、聚四氟乙烯氟碳涂料及氟碳涂料生产设备与原材料。Fluorocarbon coatings: fluorocarbon resin coatings, polyvinylidene fluoride fluorocarbon coatings, polytetrafluoroethylene fluorocarbon coatings and fluorocarbon coating production equipment and raw materials.

热固性粉末涂料、热塑性粉末涂料、混合型粉末涂料、超细粉末涂料、 UV 固化粉末涂料。Powder coating: thermosetting powder coating, thermoplastic powder coating, hybrid powder coating, ultra-fine powder coating, UV curing powder coating.

耐腐蚀涂料、耐高温涂料、防火涂料、隔热涂料、保温节能涂料、防电磁*涂料、防辐射涂料、防静电涂料、导电涂料。Functional coatings: corrosion-resistant coatings, high-temperature-resistant coatings, fire-resistant coatings, heat-insulating coatings, heat-saving and energy-saving coatings, anti-electromagnetic * coatings, radiation-proof coatings, anti-static coatings, and conductive coatings.

平涂地坪涂料(薄涂地坪涂料)、防静电地坪涂料、自流平地坪涂料、重防腐地坪、水性地坪涂料、防滑型地坪涂料、耐重型地坪涂料。Floor coatings: flat-coated floor coatings (thin-coated floor coatings), antistatic floor coatings, self-leveling floor coatings, heavy anti-corrosion floors, water-based floor coatings, non-slip floor coatings, and heavy-duty floor coatings .

自动喷涂系统、涂装机器人、 涂装辅助设备、涂装工程设计、涂装生产线、涂装加工工艺等。Painting industry: automatic spraying system, painting robot, painting auxiliary equipment, painting engineering design, painting production line, painting processing technology, etc.

各类工业涂料的原材料、生产设备、检测设备、 VOCs 处理技术及设备、涂装废水处理设备等。Others: raw materials, production equipment, testing equipment, VOCs treatment technology and equipment for various industrial coatings , coating wastewater treatment equipment, etc.


Exhibiting rules   Exhibiting Details

展台配备Booth Facility: 1. Booth Facility:

(最少9m 2 )配置:围板,地毯,一张咨询桌,二张折椅,参展商公司楣牌,一个 220 伏单相插座。Standard booth (minimum 9m 2 ) configuration: enclosure board, carpet, one consulting table, two folding chairs, exhibitor company badge, one 220- volt single-phase socket.

36 m 2 起租)配置:展出空场地,搭建费、光地管理费、电源费等费用全部由企业另行支付。 ★ bare ground (from 36 m 2 rental) configuration: empty space for exhibition, construction costs, bare ground management fees, power costs and other costs are all paid separately by the enterprise.


Business nature


joint venture

Foreign Capital Enterprise

Charge details

Standard booth


Standard booth



Raw Space  



/9m 2 13800 yuan / 9m 2

4 00 /m 2 1 4 00 yuan / m 2

/9m 2 18000 / 9m 2

00 /m 2 17 00 yuan / m 2

0 00 / 9sq.m USD4 0 00 / 9sq.m

0 0 / 1 sq.m USD4 0 0/1 sq.m


/ 9m 2 15800 yuan / 9m 2

/9m 2 20000 / 9m 2

45 00 / 9sq.m USD 45 00 / 9sq.m

会刊广告 Proceeding dvertisements 2. Proceeding dvertisements :

Will help you find customers after the show! 以通过会刊迅速查找到贵公司的联络方法与服务内容。 In addition to being widely distributed during the conference, it is also sent to professionals in various places who have not been able to visit the exhibition through various relevant channels. They can quickly find your company's contact methods and services through the conference directory . The catalogue price is:

30000 20000 18000 ◇ 内插跨页 12000 Cover 30000 ◇ Back cover 20,0000 ◇ Front cover 18,000 ◇ Interpolated spreads 12,000

15000 彩色内页 6000 黑白页 3000 公司简介 1000 Front cover 15,000 ◇ Color inner page 6,000 ◇ Black and white pages 3,000 ◇ Company profile 1,000

142mm (宽) × 210mm (高) Note: 142mm (width) × 210mm (height)

Extra Promotion Exposure: 3. Extra Promotion Exposure:

50,000 /50,000 手提袋 ( ** ) 60,000 /20,000 充气拱门 12000 / 展期 Ticket 50,000 / 50,000 tote bags ( ** ) 60,000 / 20,000 inflatable arches 12,000 / period

60,000 /30,000 参观证胸牌 60,000 /30,000 个 更多宣传请联系 Visit badge straps ¥ 60,000 / 30,000 visit badge badges ¥ 60,000 / 30,000

Contact Co ntact U s

赛贸会展有限公司 Shanghai Race Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd.                                                          

地址: 上海市恒南路1325号闿鑫商务A栋 Add / Address: Building A, Xinxin Business, No. 1325 Hengnan Road, Shanghai

邮编: 20 0444 PC / Zip: 20 0444                                                                                  

传真: 86-21- 51861157 Fax : 86-21- 51861157                                      E-mail :      249227820 QQ 249227820 Website:

     联系人: 郑家福 18321165152 微信 xf111525 Contact / Contact: Zheng Jiafu 18321165152 WeChat xf111525

Contact <br /> Contact: Zheng Jiafu Address: Room 1825, Building 5, No. 6558 Tingwei Road, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China
Mobile: 18321165152
Phone: 18321165152
QQ: 249227820
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