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2020 Vietnam Hanoi International Industrial Machinery Products Expo

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Exhibition date 2020-10-06 to 2020-10-08
Exhibition city Hanoi, Vietnam
Exhibition address Hanoi International Exhibition Center (ICE)
Hall name Hanoi International Exhibition Center (ICE)
organizer Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, Ministry of Construction, Vietnam Aluminium Institute, Vietnam Industrial Corporation
Show description

Exhibition cycle: (中国及东盟各国巡展) Every year (China and ASEAN countries tour)

Organizer: Trade Promotion Bureau, Ministry of Industry and Trade

Support co-organizers:

Brunei Industries Federation, Philippine Industrial Trade Promotion Association, Malaysian Manufacturing Federation, Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Myanmar Business Federation, Chinese Business Enterprise Federation, Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore Trade and Industry Federation, Association, Laos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vietnam Steel Corporation

Organizers in China: Guangxi Shengxinhong Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Nanning Zhanyue Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Exhibition introduction:

10月在越南河内隆重举行,已连续成功举办28届,是越南zui 资深,影响力 zui大并zui具有国际性的相关行业展会。 Professionalism: It was co-founded by authoritative institutions such as the Ministry of Construction, Vietnam Aluminium Institute, and Vietnam Industrial Corporation . It is held in Hanoi, Vietnam every October. It has been successfully held for 28 consecutive sessions. Daiwa has a relevant international industry exhibition.

2万多平方米展览净面积;越南及国外参展企业约800家,共有1300多个国际标准展位,国外企业占35% ;本国企业占65%。 Scale: The exhibition area is more than 20,000 square meters. The net exhibition area is about 800; there are about 800 exhibitors from Vietnam and abroad, with a total of more than 1,300 international standard booths. Foreign companies account for 35%; domestic companies account for 65%.


October 04: Arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam by plane after reporting in Guangzhou

October 05: Set up exhibitions and visit the city of Hanoi;

October 06: Participation in the opening and exhibition of the exhibition;

——10日参展及参加相关商务活动; October 07-10 : Exhibition and participation in related business activities;

October 08: Exhibition in the morning and withdrawal in the afternoon;

October 09: Return to Guangzhou by plane; group break-up, exhibition ends

15天发出的《出国通知手册》 Note: For detailed itinerary and detailed activities, please refer to the "Outbound Notification Manual" issued 15 days before the meeting .

Exhibition scope:

1. Various machine tools, general machinery, rubber machinery, plastic processing machinery, food processing machinery, printing, packaging machinery, textile machinery, clothing processing machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, forestry machinery, woodworking machinery, Agricultural and animal husbandry machinery, light industry machinery, precision machinery, electrical appliances, raw material processing equipment, casting machinery and accessories;

Various types of industrial lighting, industrial wires and cables, various industrial switches, hardware tools, paper and rubber products, stamping machinery, generators, small and medium-sized generators, food processing machinery, various small and medium-sized agricultural machinery and accessories, etc .;

2. Refrigeration machinery, blow molding machines, auto and motorcycle spare parts, welding and cutting equipment and accessories, welding electrodes, metal processing machinery, chains, locks, corrugated cardboard machines, jacks, various types of spare parts, complete sets of equipment, Gearboxes, reducers, pumps, pump units, motorcycles and accessories, bearings, valves, molds, forgings, castings, surface treatment equipment, hand tools and electric and pneumatic tools, various metal wires, etc .;

3. Electrodes and carbon products; metal processing equipment, tools, technology, etc .; detection and control systems; casting production technology and technology; refractory materials and metallurgical furnace materials; steel service centers and storage.

4. Raw materials, primary aluminum alloy products

5. Semi-finished products, semi-synthetic products, castings, plates, foils, extruded materials

6. Special applications of aluminum products-mainly used in construction, transportation, electronics, machinery

7. Surface treatment and seam technology

8. Light metal trade and recycling

9. Factory machinery, equipment and accessories for aluminum purification, processing and smelting;

10. Related processing equipment and accessories: various types of cold and hot chamber die-casting machines for the manufacture of automotive parts and products; low-pressure casting machines; die casting machine peripheral (automation) equipment; gravity die-casting equipment; extrusion presses; various hydraulic presses, Hydraulic press; various die casting machine parts and consumables.

11. Relevant molds and technologies: mold equipment and manufacturing technology, mold CAD / CAE / CAM professional systems, mold materials and auxiliary materials, mold repair technology, etc.

Exhibition Mode

Mode 1: Exhibiting and renting booths independently: The product and corporate image are intuitive and effective, and negotiation is convenient;

Mode 2: Only visit the exhibition and do not rent booths: the expatriate will follow the delegation during the whole process. Participating companies can distribute materials at the venue and synchronize with the exhibitors to participate in all trade promotion and business activities for free during the session. Participating companies only need to bring product specifications, business cards or small samples to participate in the exhibition advertising. They can directly contact Vietnamese merchants. There are also many business opportunities, and they only need to pay staff costs.

China Merchants Organizers: Guangxi Shengxinhong Convention & Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Nanning Zhanyue Convention & Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

址:中国广西 南宁市 青秀区东葛路 118号青秀 万达银座 1205 Address : 1205 , Qingxiu Wanda Ginza, 118 Dongge Road , Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi , China

Contact: Huang Qiuye ( lady )

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E-mail: 3 197826383 @

Contact <br /> Contact person: Huang Qiuye Address: 1205 Ginza Wanda Office Building, 118 Dongge Road Extension Line, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi, China
Mobile: 15007715430
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