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2020 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Building, Construction Materials and Home Products Exhibition

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Exhibition date 2020-09-30 to 2020-10-04
Exhibition city Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh city
Exhibition address Saigon International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Hall name Saigon International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
organizer Ministry of Construction of Vietnam, Hanoi City Government, Ho Chi Minh City People's Government, Da Nang City Government, Vietnam
Show description

2020中国—东盟建筑材料采购对接会 Concurrent Office: 2020 China-ASEAN Building Materials Procurement Matchmaking Session

“规模突破2500个展位,为越南第一大展览会” Booth size: “The scale exceeded 2500 booths, making it the largest exhibition in Vietnam”

"China-ASEAN Trade Cooperation Platform"

Assist exhibitors with import and export business rights to apply for special funds subsidies for foreign trade development to subsidize participation costs


( CITC )、越南建设部-国际会展股份公司 Information Center (CITC) of Vietnam Ministry of Construction, Vietnam Ministry of Construction-International Convention and Exhibition Corporation


-房地产管理局、越南建筑师学会、越南水泥协会 Vietnam Construction Industry Association, Vietnam Ministry of Construction -Real Estate Administration, Vietnam Institute of Architects, Vietnam Cement Association

Hanoi Construction Planning Bureau, Vietnam Hanoi Construction and Building Materials Association

Publicity media:

(VTV)、河内市电视台、越南西贡经济时报、越南房地产信息时报、 Vietnam TV (VTV), Hanoi TV, Vietnam Saigon Economic Times, Vietnam Real Estate Information Times,

-建设报、越南建设部–建设杂志、越南西贡经济时报、周末名人西贡报 Ministry of Construction - Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Construction-Ministry of Construction, Saigon Economic Times, Weekend Celebrity Saigon

China's designated exhibition units:

-东盟博览会建筑装饰展厅承办单位) Nanning Zhanyue Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. ( Construction Organizer of China -ASEAN Expo Building Decoration Exhibition Hall)

Guangxi Shengxinhong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

: Market background and fair introduction :

On January 1, 2010, the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area was completed, and zero-tariffs were achieved in merchandise trade between China and ASEAN countries. The rapid growth of the ASEAN economy and the huge market demand of 2.2 billion people, 6 trillion U.S. dollars in GOP, and 4.5 trillion U.S. dollars in trade have made it the world's most dynamic and promising trading market. Vietnam is a member of the ASEAN Free Trade Area. Vietnam had a population of 90 million in 2009 and an annual GDP of 91.8 trillion US dollars. In recent years, Vietnam's economy has achieved continuous and significant development. The GDP growth rate in 2010 was 6.4%, and the growth rate in 2011 will reach 6.9%.

8900万,经济发展迅猛,政治局势稳定。 Vietnam has a population of about 89 million, a rapid economic development and a stable political situation. The total area of housing demand in cities and towns in Vietnam is 37 million square meters each year, with a total investment of approximately VND 562 trillion (approximately USD 32 billion). At present, about 7 million people across Vietnam have a need to buy or rent a house, with a total area of up to 150 million square meters. From 2009 to 2015, Vietnam needs to build 22,500 rooms to meet the needs of tourism development. In recent years, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and other ASEAN countries have witnessed a new wave of infrastructure construction and residential construction, and most of their building material products rely on imports. From January 1, 2010, about 7,000 products from China and ASEAN will enjoy zero tariff treatment. After the implementation of zero tariffs, Chinese enterprises can not only avoid many trade barriers, but also save export costs. This is a rare opportunity for Chinese enterprises to set up factories directly in ASEAN countries and establish commodity distribution centers. As one of the ASEAN member countries, Vietnam is the springboard and the most convenient way for Chinese products to enter the ASEAN 500 million consumer market **. China has now become Vietnam's largest trading partner, bringing unlimited new business opportunities to Chinese and Vietnamese enterprises.

Vietnam's economy is entering a period of rapid growth. Real estate, highways, power stations and other infrastructure construction projects are continuously launched, and residential housing, emerging urban areas, industrial areas, and special economic zones have also witnessed a new round of boom. The booming construction market has brought huge business opportunities to the Vietnamese building materials industry. 17%,目前越南国内已有较大规模的建材企业300家左右。 The Ministry of Construction of Vietnam states that the country's building materials industry is growing at an annual rate of 17%. At present, there are about 300 large-scale building materials companies in Vietnam. However, these enterprises have scattered investment, backward production processes, insufficient product research and development capabilities, and generally weak market competitiveness. Therefore, mid-to-high-end products in the Vietnamese building materials market still need to be imported to meet demand. Beginning in 2002, Chinese-made coatings, natural stone, high-grade wooden floors, lighting fixtures, advanced sanitary ware, kitchenware, intelligent building equipment, steel cement, stainless steel materials, sealing materials, building glass, building hardware, fire equipment, and building refrigeration Resources such as equipment, construction machinery and equipment have continuously entered the Vietnamese market, and have contributed to the development of infrastructure construction in Vietnam to a large extent. At the same time, with the improvement of the living standards of the Vietnamese people, the demand for Vietnamese household appliances, high-grade kitchenware, bathroom supplies and interior decorations is booming. Due to the quality and low price of such products in China, China's advantageous products occupy a large market share in the Vietnamese market. But at present, the depth of market research is not enough, the high export prices of goods, the low level of market promotion, the single overseas marketing methods, and the shortage of multinational operating talents are the four obstacles that Chinese companies need to overcome in order to explore the Vietnamese building materials market.

Vietnam International Construction, Building Materials and Home Products Exhibition: The exhibition is an international exhibition of the largest and most professional building materials industry jointly organized by the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam and Vietnamese provinces and municipalities. It is held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh every spring and autumn. In the past, many famous companies from more than ten countries and regions including Singapore, China, Germany, Thailand, India, South Korea, France, Malaysia and Switzerland participated. , 让您与越南买家和供应商就最新的经贸合作及技术发展进行交流与合作。 This exhibition will provide you with a platform to understand the Vietnamese environmental protection market and gain business opportunities , so that you can communicate and cooperate with Vietnamese buyers and suppliers on the latest economic and trade cooperation and technological development. We sincerely invite all Chinese enterprises to actively participate in the conference to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation and exchanges.


Schedule: (Specific itinerary and activities will be notified 15 days before departure, please pay attention)

September 27 : Report at the designated hotel in Nanning;

September 28: Chinese pavilion departs for Hanoi;

September 29 : Exhibition or investigation

September 30 : Participate in the opening and exhibition of the exhibition;

October 01-04 : Exhibition and participation in related business activities;

: 上午参展,下午撤展; October 04: Exhibition in the morning and withdrawal in the afternoon;

October 05 : The Chinese pavilion returns to China; the group is dispersed and the exhibition is over.

: Exhibition scope :

A. Architecture: Architectural planning and design, architectural engineering, decoration engineering and design, building parts and cutting-edge energy-saving technologies, solar energy and building integration, building intelligence, central air conditioning, ventilation engineering, elevators and accessories; construction and installation of machinery and equipment, construction Fire equipment and products, sunshade materials, fireproof materials, etc.

B. Real estate: city planning, city image display, real estate projects, residential facilities, garden landscapes, real estate marketing planning, etc.

C. Building materials: 1. Decorative materials: paint, chemical paint, decorative sheet, decorative stone, carpet, wooden floor, new floor, etc. 2. Glass and processed glass: architectural glass, glass deep-processing products, etc. 3. Doors, windows, curtain walls, hardware: civil and industrial security doors; hardware accessories; 4. Building materials: waterproof sealing materials, heat insulation, sound insulation, rust and heat insulation materials, various types of adhesives; water supply and drainage. 5. Ventilation equipment and building electricians, electrical: air conditioners, radiators; indoor and outdoor electrical, electrical equipment and technology; switches, sockets and other electrical control components; protection and safety control equipment; access control systems, etc. 6. Structural building materials: iron and steel, various metals. 7. Construction material production technology and equipment: cement equipment, glass equipment, building sanitary ceramic equipment, building materials equipment, glass fiber and steel equipment, non-metallic mineral equipment, etc.

D. Household items: 1. Furniture, home textiles, household appliances: civilian furniture, office furniture and furniture hardware; curtains, bedding, hotel supplies, textiles, cloth carpets; home audio-visual appliances such as televisions, DVDs, stereos; air conditioners, electrical appliances Refrigerators, washing machines, water dispensers, electric fans, air purification and other household appliances; small consumer appliances; 2, ceramics, stone, bathroom facilities: building ceramics and auxiliary materials, stone carving and decorative stone, sanitary ware, bathroom hardware, steam Shower room, hand dryer, bathroom home, bathroom mirror, sensor, water purification equipment and accessories; 3. Kitchen facilities: overall kitchen, cabinets, kitchen countertops, rice cookers, induction cookers, microwave ovens, electric kettles, range hoods, disinfection Cabinets, coffee machines, juicers, water heaters, gas stoves, range hoods, glass bottles and supporting hardware, etc. 4. Various types of lamps, lighting and accessories, electric light source products, electrical products, lighting electrical accessories and accessories; 5 . Furniture, civil furniture, office furniture, furniture accessories; hotel supplies, desktop supplies, guest rooms, various decorations, supporting electrical appliances , Cleaning and laundry equipment, textiles, uniforms

:届时,将有来自中国、俄罗斯、美国、德国、中东、日本、韩国、印度、土耳其、新加坡、泰国、印度尼西亚、香港、台湾等十几个国家和地区的众多建筑、建材、装饰加工及后市场采购商、供应商和专业观众到会。 Exhibitors and visitors : At that time, there will be many buildings, building materials and decoration from more than ten countries and regions including China, Russia, the United States, Germany, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, India, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Processing and aftermarket buyers, suppliers and professional visitors attended the meeting.

Exhibiting Procedure

,填妥展位申请书,经单位盖章签字认可后邮寄或传真至组委会;组委会将按照“先申请,先安排,先付款,先确认”原则安排展位。 ● After receiving the invitation, the exhibitors can directly apply to the organizing committee , fill out the booth application, mail or fax to the organizing committee after signing and approval of the unit's seal; the organizing committee will follow the "application first, arrangement first, Pay first, confirm first "principle to arrange booths.

● The exhibition fee shall be paid within seven days after the final confirmation of the booth by both parties, by telegraphic transfer or by mail to the organizing committee, and the organizing committee will finally confirm the participating booth after receiving it. Otherwise, the booth will not be reserved.

广西圣昕鸿会展服务有限公司 Designated China Merchants: Nanning Zhanyue Convention & Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Guangxi Shengxinhong Convention & Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

址: 中国广西南宁东葛路 118号万达写字楼银座1205室 Address : Room 1205, Ginza, Wanda Office Building, 118 Dongge Road, Ningning, Guangxi , China

Contact: Huang Qiuye

QQ:3197826383 Mobile phone: 15007715430 (same number on WeChat) Business QQ: 3197826383

Attachment: 2020 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Building, Construction Materials and Home Products Exhibition

: 越南胡志明西贡国际会展中心 Venue : Saigon International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

:2020年06月24日至06月28日 Time : June 24, 2020 to June 28, 2020

Organizers: Ministry of National Construction of Vietnam, Hanoi City Government, Ho Chi Minh City People's Government, Vietnam, Danang City Government, Vietnam

( CITC )、越南建设部-国际会展股份公司 Organizers: Information Center of the Ministry of Construction (CITC) of Vietnam, Ministry of Construction-International Convention and Exhibition Corporation

Contact <br /> Contact person: Huang Qiuye Address: 1205 Ginza Wanda Office Building, 118 Dongge Road Extension Line, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi, China
Mobile: 15007715430
Phone: 0771-5303126
Fax: 0771-5300086
QQ: 3197826383
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