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2020 The 30th Vietnam International Trade Fair

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Exhibition date 2020-04-15 to 2020-04-18
Exhibition city Hanoi International Exhibition Center (ICE)
Exhibition address Hanoi International Exhibition Center (ICE)
Hall name Hanoi, Vietnam
organizer Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam
Show description

Exhibition cycle: (中国及东盟各国巡展) Every year (China and ASEAN countries tour)

Ø Support co-organizers: Brunei Industries Federation, Philippine Industrial Trade Promotion Association, Malaysian Manufacturing Federation, Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Myanmar Business Federation, Chinese Business Enterprise Federation, Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore Industrial Trade Federation, Lao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hanoi Municipal People's Government, Vietnam's relevant industry and trade economic authorities and business associations

Ø Organizer : Trade Promotion Bureau of Ministry of Industry and Trade

南宁展越会展服务有限公司 Ø Designated organizer in China : Guangxi Shengxinhong Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Nanning Zhanyue Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Ø Supporting media: Vietnam TV, Vietnam Economic Times, Vietnam Investment Review, Vietnam English Newspaper, Saigon Market Newspaper, Vietnam Market, Economic and Metropolis News, and other related TV, newspaper websites and other media


market background

In recent years, Vietnam's economy has risen rapidly. Together with India and Indonesia, it is recognized by investors as one of the three most worthwhile regions in Southeast Asia, which has attracted widespread attention from investors. As a member of APEC, ASEAN, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, and the World Trade Organization, Vietnam's economic pace has gradually been brought back into line with the world economy.

TPP之后,在美国日本等发达国家的协助下,很多东南亚国家,正系统化的通过贸易、税收和土地优惠等各种策略“挖角”中国制造。 After Vietnam joined the TPP, with the assistance of developed countries such as the United States and Japan, many Southeast Asian countries are systematically "digging" Chinese manufacturing through various strategies such as trade, taxation and land concessions. Today, not only Japanese companies have increased their investment in Vietnam, but many Chinese companies are also shifting production capacity to Vietnam.

(占进口量的30%)、中间产品(占比60%)和消费品(占比10%)。 Vietnam's imports mainly include three categories: capital goods based on machinery and equipment (accounting for 30% of imports), intermediate products (accounting for 60%), and consumer goods (accounting for 10%). China is the largest supplier of capital and intermediate products to Vietnam. The weak competitiveness of the domestic industrial sector has forced many private companies and even Vietnamese state-owned enterprises to import machinery and equipment from China.

About the show :

The Vietnam International Hardware and Electrical Exhibition, which is directly hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, is the largest national exhibition in Vietnam, the most influential and the highest degree of internationalization. . The exhibition provides a good opportunity for many foreign products to enter the Vietnamese market, and also provides a good platform for companies to recommend new products and technologies. 2万5千多平方米(展览净面积);共有1300多个国际标准展位,其中境外企业占45% ;境内企业占55%;其采购团组大多数来自于东盟各国。 At each exhibition, more than 20 countries and regions exhibitors participated in the exhibition, the previous exhibition area has reached more than 25,000 square meters (exhibition net area); there are more than 1,300 international standard booths, of which overseas companies account for 45%; domestic Enterprises account for 55%; most of their purchasing groups come from ASEAN countries.

Exhibition scope:

DIY工具、工具箱、刀具、夹具、砂轮、钻头; 1. Hardware tools: hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, pneumatic tools, abrasive tools, auto maintenance tools, hydraulic tools, grinding tools, measuring tools, weighing tools, garden tools, lifting tools, cutting tools, logistics Handling tools, DIY tools, tool boxes, knives, fixtures, grinding wheels, drill bits;
2. Hardware and electromechanical: motors, air compressors, instruments and meters, testing equipment, washing machines, compressors, high-frequency induction heating equipment, hydraulic lifting platforms, speed reducers, grinders, bench drills, pump valves, instruments and meters, high Low-voltage electrical appliances, generator units, electromechanical products;
3. Mechanical equipment: grinding and polishing equipment, cleaning machinery and equipment, woodworking machinery, construction machinery, carving and marking equipment, stamping equipment, forging equipment, testing equipment, packaging machinery, lifting machinery, assembly machinery, spraying equipment, casting and Surface treatment equipment, metal processing machinery, etc .;
4. Hardware products: casters, (lifting) rigging, locks, fasteners, standard parts, bearings, seals, hydraulic parts, chains, screens, wires and cables, ventilation equipment, construction hardware, decorative hardware, plumbing hardware, Furniture and bathroom hardware; hardware tools and accessories;


15天发出的《出国通知手册》) Schedule: (Note: For detailed itinerary and detailed activities, please refer to the "Outbound Notification Manual" issued 15 days before the meeting .)

● April 13: Check-in at Guangzhou Airport and depart for Hanoi;

● April 14th : Set up exhibitions and visit the city of Hanoi;

● April 15 : Participated in the opening and exhibition of the exhibition;

—17 日:参展及参加相关商务活动; ● April 16-17 : exhibiting and participating in related business activities;

: 上午参展,下午撤展; ● April 18th: Exhibit in the morning and withdraw in the afternoon;

● April 19th: The Chinese pavilion returns to China; the group will disperse and the exhibition will end.

Exhibition activities :

● Purchasing docking: Set up procurement docking negotiation booths for buyers from various countries and related organizations at the main venue. During the event, representatives of participating companies will enter the venue every morning according to the organizing committee's pre-arranged time and face to face with buyers. Matchmaking negotiations. In the afternoon, buyers from various industries were organized to visit the China exhibition area to discuss with suppliers.

● Investment Matchmaking: Set up investment matchmaking negotiation booths for investors and financial institutions from various countries at the main venue. Each project unit will enter the venue according to the schedule of the organizing committee in advance, and conduct one-on-one, face-to-face negotiation with investors.

● Procurement Forum: Invite multinational companies, chain operators, large markets, distribution agencies, etc. to introduce procurement procedures, procurement plans, supply requirements, etc., guide suppliers to organize production according to requirements, accelerate entry into their procurement systems, and arrange on-site interaction , So that the supply and demand sides can achieve practical results.

● Business visits: field visits to industrial parks and manufacturers in Hanoi.

Cost standard :

Form of participation:

Form 1: Exhibiting and renting booths independently, products and corporate image are intuitive and effective, and negotiation is convenient.

,只需支付人员费用。 Form two: Only visit the exhibition and do not rent a booth. This form is to visit the exhibition without renting a booth. You can participate in the exhibition to organize all trade promotion and business activities for free. There are also many business opportunities , and you only need to pay for personnel.

project name

Project configuration

Item price

One-sided open booth

标准 展出场地 三面展板(高2.5M) 楣板制作 一张洽谈桌 二把椅子 9 地毯 220/5A 电源插座一个 两只射灯。 3mx3m standard exhibition site , three-sided display board (2.5M high) , fascia board making , one negotiation table , two chairs , 9 carpet , one 220 / 5A power socket , two spotlights.

19000元/9 RMB: 19,000 yuan / 9

Double-sided open booth

标准 展出场地 二面展板(高2.5M) 楣板制作 一张洽谈桌 二把椅子 9平方米地毯 220/5A电源插座一个 两只射灯。 3mx3m standard exhibition space , two-sided display board (2.5M high) , fascia board making , one negotiation table , two chairs , 9 square meters of carpet , one 220 / 5A power socket , two spotlights


22000元/9 RMB: 22000 yuan / 9

Chinese business delegation staff costs

Including passport visa, full board after boarding, lodging, Guangzhou-Hanoi round-trip transportation costs, translation, conference, insurance, etc.

9800元/人 RMB: 9800 yuan / person

registery fee

For domestic and foreign liaison, registration of exhibitions, publication of conference catalogues, exhibition management during exhibitions and exhibitions, and related services.

2000元/企业 RMB: 2000 yuan / enterprise

● Exhibits transportation costs: For details, please refer to the "Conference Guide" of the exhibition office


: Requirements for personnel exit procedures , passport holders :

● Participating delegates leave Vietnam with their passports. Visa procedures are assisted by our organizing committee. Participants are requested to provide original passports and two one-inch color photos and mail them to our organizing committee. 2寸彩色照片两张寄到,逾期,护照签证所产生的加急费用或不能签证由企业自行承担。 Passports must send two personal passports and two-inch color photos by April 10 , 2020. Overdue, the expedited costs caused by passport visas or visas cannot be borne by the enterprise.

● If the delegates hold official passports, they will be exempt from visas, but they need to go to the local foreign affairs office to apply for a notification of going abroad.


Transportation of exhibits:

● Light-weight exhibits: This kind of exhibits are light and can be carried along with people. They are required to be packed in suitcases or duffel bags. They cannot be packed in wooden cases or cartons. They should be declared as luggage items. Customs formalities.

● Larger quantity of products and larger equipment: Such exhibits need to be declared as exhibits and shipped to Hanoi in advance. For specific transportation methods, please call the organizing committee. Such exhibits must be submitted to the organizing committee before April 1, 2020. After the declaration is completed, the transportation and customs formalities shall be borne by the enterprise.


Exhibiting Procedure:

“先申请,先安排,先付款,先确认”原则安排展位。 ● After receiving the invitation, the exhibitors can directly apply to the organizing committee, fill out the booth application, and fax it to the organizing committee after signing and approval by the unit; the organizing committee will follow the "application first, arrangement first, payment first, First confirm the principle of arranging booths.

Exhibitors shall pay the participation fee within seven working days after the final confirmation of the booth by both parties, by telegraphic transfer or post to the organizing committee, and the organizing committee shall finally confirm the participating booth upon receipt. Otherwise, the booth will not be reserved.

15天电邮或传真《出国通知手册》。 ● The Organizing Committee will email or fax the "Notice of Abroad" 15 days before the meeting .

南宁展越会展服务有限公司 China's designated investment promotion organization: Guangxi Shengxinhong Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Nanning Zhanyue Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

址: 中国广西南宁市东葛路 118号青秀万达写字楼银座1205室 Address : Room 1205, Ginza, Qingxiu Wanda Office Building, 118 Dongge Road , Nanning, Guangxi, China

机: 15007715430 Contact: Huang Qiuye ( lady ) Mobile : 15007715430

E-mail: 3197826383 @ qq .com

Contact <br /> Contact person: Huang Qiuye Address: 1205 Ginza Wanda Office Building, 118 Dongge Road Extension Line, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi, China
Mobile: 15007715430
Phone: 0771-5303126
Fax: 0771-5300086
QQ: 3197826383
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