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2020 China (Beijing) International Vacuum Technology and Equipment Exhibition

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Exhibition date 2020-06-04 to 2020-06-06
Exhibition city Beijing
Exhibition address No. 6 North Third Ring Road East, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Hall name China International Exhibition Center
organizer Shanghai Weibo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Official website
Show description

中国(北京)国际真空技术及设备展览会 2020 China ( Beijing ) International Vacuum Technology and Equipment Exhibition

China (Beijing) Internatio nal Vacuum Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2020

 64-6Time: June 4-6 , 2020           中国国际展览中心 Address: Beijing . China International Exhibition Center


展会简介 Exhibition Introduction


LED 、显示器、太阳能、冶金、玻璃、航空航天、轻工、食品、化工、制药等行业的快速发展,对真空设备、技术、材料需求不断增加。 With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous rapid growth of global manufacturing, the application of vacuum technology in various industries is becoming more and more widespread. The rapid development of industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and pharmaceuticals has increased the demand for vacuum equipment, technology, and materials. China is a global manufacturing base for manufacturing industries. At that time, we will warmly invite and look forward to the vacuum manufacturing industry at home and abroad, enterprises in the upper, middle and lower industrial chains and professional users to participate in the exhibition and visit. 2020 中国(北京)国际真空工业展览会,将于 2020 6 4 -6 日在中国国际展览中心召开! Adhering to the value proposition of "leading the vacuum market supply and showing the innovative elements of the vacuum industry", it has also played a pivotal role in displaying corporate image, promoting product brands, collecting market information, and strengthening industry communication for vacuum companies. The needs of vacuum equipment users in the same industry are oriented to meet the needs of individual customers, and the technology trend of vacuum equipment is fully promoted. Through exchanges and dialogues with colleagues in the global vacuum equipment industry, it brings new development opportunities for both supply and demand sides and the Chinese vacuum equipment industry. , 2020 China (Beijing) International Vacuum Industry Exhibition will be held at China International Exhibition Center on June 4-6 , 2020 ! The exhibition will provide a platform for communication and display of new technologies, new materials, new products and the latest application technology achievements in various fields in the vacuum industry.

As the world's largest and most influential event in the vacuum industry, this conference will be based on the purpose of organizing exhibitions with “outstanding brand, pioneering and innovative, focusing on practical results, and strengthening service”. With unique creativity, scientific and reasonable integration of communication and excellence. Service, with a new concept to provide exhibitors with a "high standard, high taste, high quality" exhibition and communication stage, to create the industry's largest, most valuable and most authoritative event. This exhibition looks forward to your participation!


日程安排 [ Schedule ]

2020 6 2-3 日( 9 00 17 00 Registration: June 2-3 , 2020 ( 9:00 : 00-17 : 00 )

2020 6 4 日( 9 30 Opening time: June 4 , 2020 ( 9:30 )

2020 6 4-6 Exhibition time: June 4-6 , 2020

2020 6 6 日(下午) Closing time: June 6 , 2020 (afternoon)



参展范围 [ Exhibition Scope ]

◆ Vacuum acquisition equipment; rotary vane vacuum pump, oil diffusion pump, roots vacuum pump, oil booster pump, turbo molecular pump, titanium sublimation pump;

◆ Vacuum application equipment: various vacuum metallurgical equipment and heat treatment equipment, vacuum plating equipment, vacuum packaging equipment, etc .;

◆ Vacuum coating equipment: including various targets, target materials, consumable materials and various power sources, vacuum coating processing;

  Nanotechnology and equipment, nanomaterials and nanodevices;

  Vacuum valves and vacuum components: including various vacuum electronic components, vacuum system accessories, vacuum dynamic and static sealing devices, etc .;  

◆ Vacuum measurement and calibration instruments, meters and vacuum leak detection instruments;

◆ Vacuum materials, vacuum pump oil, vacuum engineering supporting equipment;

◆ A variety of surface instruments, various laboratory testing instruments, analytical instruments, etc.


收费标准 [ Charging Standard ]

Standard booth 9m² (3m × 3m); Configuration: exhibition space, three-sided display boards (2.5m high), a Chinese and English fascia board, a negotiation table, two chairs, a carpet, a 220V power socket, two spotlights  

(Note: 20% for double-open booths)


产品技术讲座及推介会 [ Product Technology Lectures and Promotions ]  

During the exhibition, the organizer will organize multiple technical exchange meetings to carry out international technical, economic and trade exchanges, and promote and introduce products. All units can apply for hosting. Please customize the communication theme and submit it to the organization unit along with the registration form to arrange the exchange venues and facilities and organize professional audiences.


Secretariat of the Organizing Committee:

Electricity   Word: + 86-21-69790335                  


胡小姐18918107352 Contact : Miss Hu 18918107352

Contact <br /> Contact: Miss Hu Mobile: 18918107352
Phone: 021-69790335
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