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2020 Beijing International Hydraulic Pneumatic and Sealing Technology Exhibition

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Exhibition date 2020-06-04 to 2020-06-06
Exhibition city Beijing
Exhibition address No. 6 North Third Ring Road East, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Hall name China International Exhibition Center
organizer Shanghai Weibo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Official website
Show description

北京国际液压气动及密封技术展览会 2020 Beijing International Hydraulic Pneumatic and Sealing Technology Exhibition       

  64日― 6When: June 4-6 , 2020     Address: China International Exhibition Center

  上海威博展览有限公司 [Contractor] Shanghai Weibo Exhibition Co., Ltd.


【Exhibition Introduction】       


   密封制造业,为我国经济高速发展提供了重要的保证。 With the continuous development of China's economy and science and technology, as a hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing manufacturing industry, it has provided an important guarantee for China's rapid economic development. 密封市场的需求猛增,产品的品种、数量及品质都有了突飞猛进的发展。 Industrial development has led to a surge in demand for the hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing markets, and the variety, quantity and quality of products have developed by leaps and bounds. The market itself holds great potential. Has broad development space. Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the international market, it is necessary for enterprises to continuously absorb new knowledge and technology, appropriately adjust the production and marketing concepts of products, and respond to the current development pattern.


   北京) 国际液压气动及密封技术展览会 ,将于202064-6日在中国国际展览中心隆重召开! 2020 China ( Beijing) International Hydraulic Pneumatic and Sealing Technology Exhibition will be held in China International Exhibition Center from June 4th to 6th , 2020 ! 多个国家和地区的800多家企业参展。 It will attract more than 800 companies from more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. 密封的应用和制造水平。 Through exhibition resources, invite national, provincial, municipal, and relevant scientific research units, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, automotive, electric power, shipbuilding, ordnance, metallurgy, heavy equipment, food machinery, textile, tobacco machine, sewing, railway, People from the decision-making level of companies in elevator, instrumentation, communication equipment, communication, motor, industrial applications, medical equipment and other industries will discuss the use and development of "hydraulic pneumatic and sealing", international application technology exchange, and improve the overall competitiveness of the industry and promote And improve the application and manufacturing level of China's hydraulic pneumatic and sealing.


  As the world ’s largest and most influential event in the field of hydraulics, pneumatics and sealing, this conference will be based on the purpose of organizing exhibitions with “outstanding brand, pioneering and innovative, focusing on effectiveness, and strengthening service”. With unique ideas, scientific and reasonable integration of communication and Excellent service, with a new concept to provide exhibitors with a "high standard, high taste, high quality" exhibition and communication stage, to create the industry's largest, most valuable and most authoritative event. This exhibition looks forward to your participation!


[Audience Invitation]

、煤制油、石油炼制、冶金、钢铁、矿山、军工、航空、航天、核工业、空分、船舶、核电、火电、水利水电、风电、城市供水、供气、供热、防腐、海水淡化、环保设备、废气处理、净水处理、空气污染治理、污水处理、轻工、热力、消防、医疗、生物医药、水暖、造纸、制冷与空调、工业系统、重大装备制造业、重型机械设备配套等行业的采购、技术、工程及相关人员。 The audience came from machinery, automotive, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical, energy, natural gas, LNG , coal-to-liquid, petroleum refining, metallurgy, steel, mining, military, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, air separation, ships, nuclear power , Thermal power, water conservancy and hydropower, wind power, urban water supply, gas supply, heating, anticorrosion, desalination, environmental protection equipment, waste gas treatment, water purification treatment, air pollution treatment, sewage treatment, light industry, heat power, fire protection, medical treatment, biomedicine , Plumbing, papermaking, refrigeration and air-conditioning, industrial systems, major equipment manufacturing, heavy machinery equipment and other industries in procurement, technology, engineering and related personnel.




62日— 3Coverage: June 2-3 , 2020      64930 Opening Ceremony : June 4 , 2020 9:30
exhibition     64日— 6Overview: June 4-6 , 2020      withdraw   66日下午 Show : Afternoon on June 6 , 2020

[Exhibition Scope]

液压机械:液压机、液压破碎锤、拉伸机、油压机、液压实验台、千斤顶启闭机、打包 Hydraulic machinery: hydraulic press, hydraulic breaker, stretching machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic test bench, jack hoist, packing   Machine, bending machine, hydraulic pusher, pipe locker, hydraulic lifter, hydraulic shearing machine, hydraulic mold, hydraulic machine tool, plastic machine, hydraulic power unit, hydraulic tool, jack, non-standard hydraulic pressure   System equipment, etc.

液压元件:液压泵、液压阀、液压缸、比例阀、伺服阀、液压马达等; Hydraulic components: hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic cylinder, proportional valve, servo valve, hydraulic motor, etc.

液压辅件:过滤器、冷却器、蓄能器、液压管件、液压油、剂等; Hydraulic accessories: filters, coolers, accumulators, hydraulic pipe fittings, hydraulic oil, agents, etc .;

液压系统:跑偏系统、压下系统、调速系统、同步系统、激振系统等; Hydraulic system: deviation system, depression system, speed regulation system, synchronization system, excitation system, etc .;

液压技术:防泄漏技术、污染度控制技术、节能技术、变速驱动技术、元件等; Hydraulic technology: anti-leak technology, pollution control technology, energy saving technology, variable speed drive technology, components, etc .;

液力:液力变矩器、液力偶合器、液粘传动装置、无级变速装置、液压气动管件、防泄漏技术等; Hydraulic: hydraulic torque converter, hydraulic coupling, hydraulic viscous transmission, continuously variable transmission, hydraulic and pneumatic pipe fittings, leakage prevention technology, etc .;

密封配套产品:橡胶密封件、橡塑密封件、金属密封件、柔性石墨密封、机械密封、填料静密封、 Seal accessory products: rubber seal, rubber seal, metal seal, flexible graphite seal, mechanical seal, packing static seal,

型圈、 V型、空压机:螺杆式、滑片式等有油无油压缩机,压缩动力系统设备及其消耗品配件等; Various hydraulic engineering seals and automotive oil seals and rubber accessories, O -rings, V -types, air compressors: oil-free and oil-free compressors such as screw type and sliding vane type, compression power system equipment and their consumable accessories;


[Exhibition Fee]   

3 x 3 x 2.5 米)、三面围板(白色)、公司中英文楣板、 1 个电源插座( 500W 以内)、 2 支日光灯、 1 张咨询台、 2 张折椅、地毯、垃圾篓等。 Standard booth fees include: (length 3m x width 3m x height 2.5m ), three-sided enclosure (white), Chinese and English fascia boards, 1 power socket ( within 500W ), 2 fluorescent lamps, 1 information desk, 2 folding chairs, carpet, trash can, etc.

There is no configuration for the empty site.


[Product Technology Lectures and Promotions]

During the exhibition, the organizer will organize multiple technical exchange meetings to carry out international technical, economic and trade exchanges, and promote and introduce products. All units can apply for hosting. Please customize the communication theme and submit it to the organization unit along with the registration form to arrange the exchange venues and facilities and organize professional audiences.


Secretariat of the Organizing Committee:

Electricity   Word: 021-69790335              E-mail : http: // www.

胡小姐18001997352 Contact : Miss Hu 1800 1997352

Contact <br /> Contact: Miss Hu Mobile: 18918107352
Phone: 021-69790335
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