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2020 The 7th China (Shanghai) International Daily Chemical Raw Materials and Additives Exhibition

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Exhibition date 2020-05-13 to 2020-05-15
Exhibition city Shanghai
Exhibition address 2739 Guangfu West Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
Hall name Shanghai International Purchasing Convention Center
organizer Shanghai Weibo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Official website
Show description

第七届中国(上海)国际日用化学品原料及添加剂展览会 2020 The 7th China (Shanghai) International Daily Chemical Raw Materials and Additives Exhibition

The 7th   China (Shanghai) Internatio nal Daily Chemicals Raw Materials and Additives Exhibition 2020

2020 5 13 -15 Time: May 13-15 , 2020             Venue: Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center


上海威博展览有限公司 [Contractor] Shanghai Weibo Exhibition Co., Ltd.



【Exhibition Introduction】

With the advancement of science and technology, people's lives have been continuously improved, and the quality of daily necessities that are most appropriate to our lives has also become higher and higher, with daily chemicals becoming more prominent. More people hope that the daily chemical products can be naturalized, green, safe, environmentally friendly and some other trends that are beneficial to mankind and the planet. In recent decades, China's daily chemical industry has developed rapidly and achieved unprecedented results. The industrial output value has continued to increase, the types and functions of products have become more refined, the product structure has been newly adjusted, and the added value has increased. The grade has improved significantly, brand-name products from all over the place continue to emerge, and the company's popularity, credibility and corporate image have improved. Therefore, the daily-use chemical industry, as a rising industry and an industry engaged in the beauty of mankind, can meet the people's pursuit of daily-use chemicals from the perspective of green, natural, safety and environmental protection. It has become the focus of people's attention to the quality connotation and functional demands of daily chemicals in the new era.


第七届中国(上海)国际日用化学品原料及添加剂展览会,将于 5 13 -15 日在上海跨国采购会展中心隆重举办, 坚持以客户需求为导向,秉承全心全意为日化行业服务的宗旨,结合日化行业科研与生产实践,满足日化市场的需要,为更多日化用品制造商提供最科学、最安全的生产技术;***、最前沿、最实用的科技成果;更全面、多角度地宣传绿色理念。 The 2020 Seventh China (Shanghai) International Daily Chemical Raw Materials and Additives Exhibition will be grandly held at the Shanghai International Purchasing Convention and Exhibition Center from May 13th to 15th . Adhering to the needs of customers and adhering to the daily chemical industry The purpose of the service, combined with scientific research and production practices of the daily chemical industry, to meet the needs of the daily chemical market, to provide more daily chemical manufacturers with the most scientific and safe production technology; the most advanced and practical scientific and technological achievements ; Promote the green idea more comprehensively and from multiple angles. Selecting the most standardized and powerful scientific and technological knowledge for consumers is in line with the green trend of the daily chemical industry, and is also the strongest cooperation between the two most sunrise industries of daily chemical raw materials and daily chemical products. Vigorously promote the scientific and technological progress and economic prosperity of China's daily chemical industry. This exhibition looks forward to your participation!





511日— 12Registration: May 11-12 , 2020     513(900930) Opening Ceremony: May 13 , 2020 (9:00 : 00-9 : 30)

exhibition    513日— 15Overview: May 13-15 , 2020     withdraw   515日下午 Show: Afternoon on May 15 , 2020



[Exhibition Scope]

石油化工和新能源、基本无机、有机化工原料、精细与专用化学品、化工合成材料及其原料、化工装备及自动化、化工高新科技产品等。 Petrochemical and new energy, basic inorganic and organic chemical raw materials, fine and special chemicals, chemical synthetic materials and their raw materials, chemical equipment and automation, chemical high-tech products, etc.

日用化学品原料:油性原料、溶剂原料、粉质原料、胶质原料、香料香精(天然、合成)、色素、有机中间体、 植物提取物、复合原料等。 Daily chemical raw materials: oily raw materials, solvent raw materials, powder raw materials, gum raw materials, flavors (natural, synthetic), pigments, organic intermediates, plant extracts, composite raw materials, etc.

日用化学品添加剂:包括清洁类、卫生类、护肤类、护发(美发)类、美容类、口腔卫生类、香水香味类、驱虫灭害类等日化用品添加剂。 Daily Chemical Additives: Including cleaning, sanitation, skin care, hair care (hairdressing), beauty, oral hygiene, perfume and fragrance, insect repellent and other daily chemical additives.

日化助剂:矿物粉、无机酸、有机酸、有机碱、无机碱、无机盐、金属盐等。 Daily chemicals: mineral powder, inorganic acid, organic acid, organic base, inorganic base, inorganic salt, metal salt, etc.

日化溶剂:矿物油溶剂、天然成分溶剂、抗氧化溶剂、醇类、烷烃、酮类、酯类、醚类、酸类溶剂等。 Daily chemical solvents: mineral oil solvents, natural ingredient solvents, antioxidant solvents, alcohols, alkanes, ketones, esters, ethers, acid solvents, etc.

原料设备及应用:混合机、搅拌机、捏合机、分散机、砂磨机、反应装置、吸收塔、 泵、阀、 粉碎设备、干燥设备、分离设备、过滤设备、蒸馏设备、酸罐、生产包装设备、分析检测仪器及其相关产品等。 Raw material equipment and applications: mixer, mixer, kneader, disperser, sand mill, reaction device, absorption tower, pump, valve, crushing equipment, drying equipment, separation equipment, filtration equipment, distillation equipment, acid tank, production Packaging equipment, analytical testing equipment and related products.


[Exhibition Fee]    


x3x2.5米)、三面围板(白色)、公司中英文楣板、 1个电源插座( 500W以内)、 2支日光灯、 1张咨询台、 2张折椅、地毯、垃圾篓等。 Standard booth fees include: (length 3m x width 3m x height 2.5m ), three-sided enclosure (white), Chinese and English fascia boards, 1 power socket (within 500W ), 2 fluorescent lamps, 1 information desk, 2 folding chairs, carpet, trash can, etc.

There is no configuration for the empty site.

[Product Technology Lectures and Promotions]

During the exhibition, the organizer will organize multiple technical exchange meetings to carry out international technical, economic and trade exchanges, and promote and introduce products. All units can apply for hosting. Please customize the communication theme and submit it to the organization unit with the registration form to arrange the exchange venue and facilities as soon as possible.



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Phone: + 86-21-69790335


Contact: Miss Hu 18918107352

Contact <br /> Contact: Miss Hu Mobile: 18918107352
Phone: 021-69790335
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