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Liuzhou Dongfang Aocai Hair and Beauty Vocational Training School


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Guest Bridal Makeup Training School sincerely recommends Dongfang Aocai Beauty Salon Training Supplies

Guest Bridal Makeup Training School sincerely recommends Dongfang Aocai Beauty Salon Training Supplies

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Detailed introduction

Guest Bridal Makeup Training School sincerely recommends Dongfang Aocai Beauty Salon Training Supplies

A: Professional Makeup and Entrepreneurship Class

(45 days)

This course is for students without a foundation in makeup

Phase one

1. Sketch: Painting Design of Characters

2. Conceptual classification of makeup

3. Use of cosmetics

4. Makeup steps: Prepare makeup tools and equipment before makeup

5. Recognize standard face shape and three courts and five eyes

Dongfang Aocai Makeup Training

second stage:

Dermatology: skin type, formation of problem skin, maintenance of different skin tones.

The third stage:

1.Pattern of foundation and choice of foundation of different skin tone

2. Make-up: Eyeliner design, eye shadow drawing method, eyebrow trimming method, eyebrow shape design, eyelashes, blush, lipstick modification.

3, practical eye shadow grooming skills-flat painting, guest bridal makeup training school, segment, smoke, gradient, forward, backward, structural, small barb, guest bridal makeup training school, fake double.

4. Complete makeup (life makeup design): daily makeup, guest bridal makeup training school, Korean nude makeup, white-collar professional dress, party makeup, evening makeup, fashion Japanese makeup, catwalk smokey makeup, bride of the day Makeup, bridal evening makeup.

Fourth stage:

1. Fashion etiquette courses: personal etiquette, public etiquette, social etiquette, party etiquette, dining etiquette.

2, professional ethics of makeup artists and work matters needing attention

Guest bridal makeup school

In today's world, makeup represents a fashionable way of life, and the profession of makeup artist is synonymous with trend-setting and freedom. According to statistics, now makeup artists and image designers have entered the technology industry rankings with relatively high incomes. Due to the image requirements, makeup artists have been greatly loved by all walks of life. The entertainment industry, fashion industry, film and television industry, etc. all need a large number of makeup artists. To improve the quality of life, as long as married men and women need to take wedding photos, large and small Small studios also mean increased demand for makeup artists. You can also learn makeup without foundation, because many schools have courses for zero-based makeup, as long as you study hard, you can learn. It is not difficult to learn makeup without foundation. From an internal reason, as long as you work hard enough, it is not difficult to learn makeup. However, if you have a try mentality and don't devote yourself to makeup study, then learning makeup is not an easy task.

Guest bridal makeup school

Real knowledge comes out of practice. Dongfang Aocai Beauty and Hair Training School is a professional vocational training school. With the teaching theory of theory plus practical operation, the school professionally trains makeup artists, manicurists, stylists, image styling instructors, makeup instructors, graphic advertising designers and other professionals Talents, students not only can learn professional knowledge in the school, the school also provides more and more professional practice opportunities, and strive to make every student have rich experience when they graduate, and better connect with the market. The teaching quality of Dongfang Aocai Beauty and Hairdressing Training School is very good. The school's teaching focuses on the technical foundation of the students. The teaching arrangement is very rigorous and systematic, which is suitable for students with no foundation.

Guest bridal makeup school

Liuzhou Dongfang Aocai Hairdressing and Beauty Vocational Training School provides guests with bridal makeup training school. We sincerely recommend Dongfang Aocai Hairdressing and Beauty Training, supply, supply, office culture and education, other office culture and education detailed product prices, product pictures and other product introduction information. You can directly contact Liuzhou Dongfang Aocai Hair and Beauty Vocational Training School.

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