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Liuzhou Dongfang Aocai Hair and Beauty Vocational Training School


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Guangxi photo studio makeup course sincerely recommend Oriental Aocai beauty salon training supply pictures

Guangxi Photo Studio Makeup Course

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Detailed introduction

Guangxi Photo Studio Makeup Course

With so many students graduating each year, can you arrange work?

Answer: The beauty and hairdressing industry has great potential for development. Graduates of beauty and hairdressing have always been very sought-after. Our school has more than 170 franchise stores, Guangxi studio makeup courses, a huge employment platform, and Guangxi studio makeup courses. There are also major beauty salon chains in major cities across the country recruited by schools, and Guangxi photo studio makeup courses. Some students take up positions such as supervisors or deputy store managers soon after joining the work, and earn a lot of money. So as long as you are willing to work hard, you can change your destiny and create wealth by your own hands. All students who come to our school are responsible for recommending jobs after graduation. Dongfang Aocai Makeup Training

Guangxi Studio Makeup Course

Advanced Course on Fashion Skills for Stylist

6 days of teaching skills from the first-line fashion circle masters in Beijing Experienced, highly demanding practitioners.

1. The secret of successful base makeup. Fashion base makeup techniques and techniques are comprehensively improved to quickly solve various problems such as dry skin, peeling, and oiliness that cause base makeup to be inconsistent. . 2. Impeccable eyesight cheats, flawless adjustment of eyes More impeccable eye shape adjustment skills than fishbone nudge, let your adjustment marks be perfectly hidden. 3. Practical skills for styling and hairstyle: The secret of styling success: Perfectly solve the problems of flat and collapsed hair roots in the styling and the inflexibility of the styling. 4. Retro big waves, hand ripples, water ripples, wet ripples. 5. The catwalk show reveals the classification of how to create the perfect show makeup, the highlights of the show makeup, the show hairstyle skills. Dongfang Aocai makeup training 6. Creative make-up design and recognition of various artistic styles (Rococo, Baroque, Gothic, Lolita, etc.), the creative possibilities of various local makeup faces (brows, eyes, lips, blush) Various design creative methods (combined ideas, abstract methods, bionic methods) come down. At the end of this course, you can improve your makeup from styling, styling, and skills from inspiration to design. Learning fashion will "subtract makeup" and get rid of outdated makeup techniques to make your makeup look great.

Guangxi Studio Makeup Course

How does the school manage students?

A: We implement semi-closed management. Students are generally not allowed to enter or leave the school gate after 11 pm, especially the school gate is usually not given without a leave slip during the class time. We provide peace of mind to learn. Each class has a class teacher to manage their lives and learning 24 hours to ensure that students' difficulties in life and learning can be resolved in a timely manner.

Are your graduates paid a considerable salary for employment, is it true? Dongfang Aocai Makeup Training

Answer: Graduating students of our school can find satisfactory jobs, and their salaries will be more than 3,000 yuan after being converted. At present, some of the previous students have worked as directors, deputy store managers, store managers, etc. in beauty salon chains, as well as their own entrepreneurial development galleries, beauty salons, photo studios, and nail stores. At the same time of their own development, they do not forget the grace of the alma mater, and often return to the school to contact the employment office to send students employment matters, which in turn provides opportunities for students to find employment. The graduates' diligence, pragmatic working attitude and solid professional skills have been praised by employers.

Guangxi Studio Makeup Course

Liuzhou Dongfang Aocai Hairdressing & Beauty Vocational Training School offers Guangxi studio makeup courses. We sincerely recommend Dongfang Aocai Hairdressing and Beauty training, supply, supply, office culture and education, other office culture and education detailed product prices, product pictures and other product introduction information. You can directly contact Liuzhou Dongfang Aocai Hair and Beauty Vocational Training School.

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