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Yiwu Xiangsheng Daily Use Department Store

Material recycling, home appliance recycling, jewelry inventory recycling, metal recycling, warehouse recycling

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Yiwu Yongxing Material Recovery refers to the useful materials separated from waste metal after physical or mechanical processing into recycled products. It is an industrial chain from recycling, dismantling, and recycling. The metal recycling industry has formed a complete industrial chain and recycling ecosystem. This industrial chain starts from foreign waste suppliers, and realizes the effective use of resources through traders, importers, agents, ports, dismantling plants (designated enterprises or hardware factories), recycling companies, metal processing plants and other links. It should be noted that the metal recycling companies here are a special group. Metal recycling is busy engaged in the purchase, sorting, packing, and shipping of scrap metal at sites of various sizes. They are engaged in both domestic waste recycling and limited domestic resource recovery. Acquisition of imported scrap metal after preliminary selection and dismantling. Throughout the metal recycling industry chain, various scrap metals have been enriched through the links of metal recycling companies. It can be said that metal recycling plays an important role as a reservoir here, regulating the supply and demand of metal waste and logistics. Metal recycling will develop towards a specialized and socialized division of labor. Among them, the metal recycling industry represented by Ningbo Zhenhai and Taizhou's scrap metal dismantling industrial parks has developed quite large-scale. The development idea is to focus on dismantling and centralized management, develop deep metal processing, and realize economies of scale. [ Detailed introduction ]
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Yiwu Xiangsheng Daily Use Department Store

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    Material recycling, home appliance recycling, jewelry inventory recycling, metal recycling

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    No.72, Yangjiaoshanqiandian Village, Choujiang Street, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

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