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Jiangxi high-boiling aromatics manufacturers supply to create brilliant Jiangsu Yingze Energy Supply Picture

Jiangxi high-boiling aromatics manufacturers supply to create brilliant Jiangsu Yingze Energy Supply

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Detailed introduction

Jiangxi high-boiling aromatics manufacturers supply to create brilliant Jiangsu Yingze Energy Supply

High boiling point aromatic solvents are produced from reformed aromatics as raw materials and developed in accordance with international standards for special aromatic hydrocarbon solvents. They have strong solubility and low toxicity. Jiangxi high boiling point aromatics manufacturers supply, low odor, high boiling point, slow volatility, no water and Olefins, no chlorine and heavy metals, stable chemical and physical properties, good leveling properties, etc., its dissolving properties are excellent, especially in the later stage of evaporation, it can exert high dissolving power, so that the flatness of the coating film is good without orange peel, Good gloss. In addition, it can also be used as a cleaning agent for precision machinery and a pesticide emulsifier.

Aromatic solvent oil involves paints, coatings, Jiangxi high-boiling aromatics manufacturers supply, inks, pesticides and other fields, uses, different models in different fields are called different names, Jiangxi high-boiling aromatics manufacturers supply.

Common aromatic hydrocarbon solvents are benzene, toluene, xylene, trimethylbenzene (No. 100), mesitylene (No. 150), and some of the No. 200 solvent oil are also aromatics. No. 260, 340 and so on. Among them, the models of high boiling point aromatic solvent oil include: S-800 #, S-1000 # (No. 100), S-1500 # (No. 150), S-1800 #, 2000 #.

Jiangxi high boiling point aromatics manufacturers supply

Gaoqiao Petrochemical, Luoyang Jinda, Shandong Qingyuan, Jingmen Petrochemical, Cangzhou Huahai, Maoming Jiefeng, Maoming Shihua, Zibo Shenglian, Shandong Ruibo, Shandong Qisheng, Shandong Hengrunyu, Hebei Feitian, Fushun Qingyi, Shanxi Luanake and so on. 04 New and expected manufacturers Shandong Qingyuan, Shandong Junyuan, Henan Zhongtuo, Shida Technology, Liyang Junheng, Hainan Handi, Zhonghai Taizhou, Ningxia Runguang, Inner Mongolia Yitai Ningneng, Inner Mongolia Jushi, etc. In 2019, there are about twelve. Therefore, 2019 is a prosperous year for the D-series solvent oil market. The history of solvent oil will be written down in 2019. At least the price competition will be fierce for varieties such as D20, D30, and D40. In the future, state-owned refineries such as Sinopec and PetroChina will gradually withdraw from the solvent oil sector. Therefore, the launch of private enterprises is an effective and good supplement. With the continuous deepening of environmental protection, it also forces end customers to seek environmentally friendly solvent oils to replace ordinary Solvent oil is also compelling. Ordinary solvent oil manufacturers have accelerated the launch of D series solvent oil projects. 05 Raw materials At present, 80% of the D series raw materials produced on the market are mainly petroleum-based, of which the main is still jet coal, because the distillation range of jet coal is roughly (140-300), and the jet coal undergoes two stages of high-pressure hydrogenation. Desulfurization and dearomatization, followed by rectification. Desulfurization is to eliminate odor and corrosiveness, and dearomatization is to reduce odorous and harmful materials, improve SHE performance, and improve stability. The other 20% of D series raw materials are coal-to-oil. With the development of coal chemical industry, the proportion of coal-to-oil will gradually increase.

Jiangxi high boiling point aromatics manufacturers supply

The product is exported to domestic and foreign markets with its excellent quality and good after-sales service, and has established good business relationships with many countries in Europe and Asia. [7 white oil application range] industrial white oil is suitable for chemical fiber, aluminum Processing, insecticide spray, rubber plastic and other oils; also suitable for textile machinery, precision instrument lubrication oil and compressor sealing oil, supply No. 3 white oil, No. 5 white oil, No. 7 white oil throughout the country Oil, No. 10 white oil, No. 15 white oil, No. 22 white oil, No. 32 white oil, No. 68 white oil, No. 100 and other high-quality industrial white oil. Industry white oil is different from crude white oil. On August 23, white oil No. 68, the reference price was 8220 yuan / ton, which was the same as August 22. "We asked, if it is not mainly to reduce resistance, these special shapes are actually More suitable for improving lift, "said Mehdi Saadat, a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University. On August 31st, the white oil on the 32nd, the reference price was 6880 yuan / ton, which was the same as August 30th. In order to continuously develop new technologies adapted to the development of the cable industry , New products, close cooperation with a number of institutions of higher learning, with innovative development capabilities of production, learning, research, and use. Jiangsu Zhongda Oilfield Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Suzhou, Jiangsu, is a collection of science, industry and trade. Of modern enterprises, the company has the right to operate import and export independently. On September 29, No. 22 white oil, the reference price was 5880 yuan / ton, which was the same as September 28. As of now, the shutdown has been completed more than half. It is a member of the distributor of CNOOC Chemical Co., Ltd. Spot prices may be potentially highly volatile in the coming weeks.

Jiangxi high boiling point aromatics manufacturers supply

Jiangsu Yingze Energy Co., Ltd. provides Jiangxi high-boiling aromatics manufacturers supply to create brilliant Jiangsu Yingze energy supply, supply, chemical, inorganic salt detailed product prices, product pictures and other product introduction information. You can directly contact Jiangsu Yingze Energy Co., Ltd.

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