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Hezhou Diesel Wholesale Price
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网站消息812日布伦特*价格小幅上涨,但在伦敦市场相对持平,连续第二天收于58美元/桶以上。 According to Oil & Gas Journal website news, Brent * prices rose slightly on August 12 , but were relatively flat in the London market, closing at more than $ 58 per barrel for the second day in a row. 美元/桶以下。 Lightweight, low sulfur * prices in New York rose modestly, closing below $ 55 per barrel.

Saudi Arabia has said it will limit oil production in the coming months to help offset the impact of falling oil prices. 年为主导石油市场再平衡而努力。 Most market participants believe that due to the Sino-US trade conflict and slowing world economic growth, Saudi Arabia will work to rebalance the dominant oil market in 2019 .

7日布伦特**合约跌至60美元/桶以下之后,沙特石油部长法利赫表示,他将与其他石油生产商合作并尽一切努力稳定石油市场。 After the wholesale price of diesel oil in Hezhou fell below $ 60 per barrel on the Brent ** contract on August 7 , Saudi Oil Minister Fareh said he would cooperate with other oil producers and make every effort to stabilize the oil market.

16日发布石油市场月报。 OPEC released a monthly oil market report on August 16 .

部,至89日的764部。 At the same time, Baker Hughes reported that statistics show that the number of active oil rigs in the United States has declined for the sixth consecutive week, a total of 6 fewer than the previous week, to 764 on August 9 .

9日的石油钻机数量是自20181月底以来美国最低的石油钻机数量。 The number of oil rigs on August 9 was the lowest in the United States since the end of January 2018 . 部。 Baker Hughes said the number of rigs in the same period last year was 869 .

Energy price

月纽约商品交易所轻质低硫*价格上涨43美分, 812日收于54.93美元/桶。 On the New York Mercantile Exchange, the price of light and low sulfur * rose 43 cents in September, and closed at $ 54.93 / barrel on August 12 . 月合约价格上涨48美分,至54.85美元/桶。 October contract prices rose 48 cents to $ 54.85 per barrel.

月天然气价格下跌1美分,至2.11美元/每百万英热单位。 On the New York Mercantile Exchange, natural gas prices fell 1 cent in September to $ 2.11 per million British thermal units.

月份的超低硫柴油价格下跌不到1美分,仍保持在1.80美元/加仑。 Ultra-low sulfur diesel prices fell less than a cent in September and remained at $ 1.80 per gallon. 月份重组汽油混合燃料价格下跌近1美分,至1.66美元/加仑。 On the New York Mercantile Exchange in September , the price of recombined gasoline blended fuel fell nearly 1 cent to $ 1.66 per gallon.

月份上涨4美分,至58.57美元/桶。 Brent * rose 4 cents to $ 58.57 per barrel in October . 月合约上涨11美分,收于58.30美元/桶。 The November contract rose 11 cents to close at $ 58.30 per barrel.


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