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Guigang diesel wholesale price
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Guigang diesel wholesale price

According to Reuters, U.S. energy companies have reduced the number of oil rigs for the sixth consecutive week this week, as producers cut spending on new drilling and completions, leading to lower production growth forecasts.

9日的一周内,钻探商削减了6座钻井平台,使总钻井数量降至764座,这是自20182月以来的最低水平。 Guigang diesel wholesale prices Baker Hughes Energy Services, a General Electric company, said in its high-profile report on Friday that in the week ending August 9 , drillers cut 6 rigs, reducing the total number of rigs to 764 seats, the lowest level since February 2018 .

月份以来**的周跌幅, 3月份也经历了连续六周削减钻井平台的状况。 This is the weekly decline since March , and March has also experienced the reduction of drilling platforms for six consecutive weeks.

座运作的钻井平台。 In the same week a year ago, there were 869 rigs operating.

个月,作为未来产量早期指标的石油钻井数量有所下降,原因是独立勘探和生产企业削减了新钻井的支出,因为它们更关注利润增长,而不是增产。 Over the past eight months, the number of oil rigs that have served as an early indicator of future production has declined as independent exploration and production companies have cut spending on new rigs because they are more focused on profit growth rather than increased production.

周三警告称,页岩热潮可能在2025年结束,该国**的页岩油田二叠纪盆地的一个区域除外,因油价仍处于低位,且许多生产商减少钻探活动。 Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) , one of the U.S. ** 's independent oil producers, warned on Wednesday that the shale boom could end in 2025 , with the exception of one area of the country's ** shale oilfield, the Permian Basin, as oil prices remain Is low and many producers are reducing drilling activities.

本月将其预计的今年美国*总日产量下调至1227万桶。 The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) this month reduced its projected total US output for this year to 12.27 million barrels. 年,日产量达到创纪录的1099万桶。 In 2018 , the daily output reached a record 10.99 million barrels.

周五交易价格高于每桶54美元,国际能源署的一份报告显示,自2008年金融危机以来,预计需求增长最少,因此本周合约有望下跌约2% 。 The United States ** CLc1 was trading above $ 54 per barrel on Friday. A report from the International Energy Agency shows that since the 2008 financial crisis, demand is expected to grow the least, so this week's contract is expected to fall by about 2% .

CLBALst2020CLYstc1美国**价格分别为每桶54美元和52美元左右。 Looking ahead, CLBALst in 2019 and CLYstc1 ** in the US in 2020 will be about $ 54 and $ 52 per barrel, respectively.

本周表示,其追踪的勘探和生产公司预计, 2019年钻探和完井的资本支出将较2018年下降5%Cowen & Co, a US financial services company, said this week that the exploration and production companies it tracks expect capital expenditures on drilling and completion in 2019 to fall by 5% compared to 2018 .

年的支出将减少11%左右,而主要石油公司计划增加16%左右。 Cowan said independent oil producers expect spending to decrease by about 11% in 2019 , while major oil companies plan to increase by about 16% .

年总计投资约810亿美元,而2018年为854亿美元。 Cowan said that all the exploration and production companies it tracks plan to invest about $ 81 billion in 2019 , compared to $ 85.4 billion in 2018 .

座。 The total number of oil and gas rigs in operation in the United States so far this year has averaged 1,004 . Most rigs produce both oil and gas.

的能源专家Simmons & Co的分析师预测,油气钻井平台的平均数量将从2018年的四年高位1,032座下滑至2019年的970座和2020年的955座,然后在2021年升至997座。 Analysts at Simmons & Co , an energy expert at US investment bank Piper Jaffray , predict that the average number of oil and gas rigs will slide from a four-year high of 1,032 in 2018 to 970 in 2019 and 955 in 2020 , and then in 2021 . It rose to 997 seats.


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