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Dalian Sauce Sample Food Management Co., Ltd.


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Basic Information

Jilin sauce-like bibimbap recommended consulting Dalian sauce-like catering management supply picture

Jilin sauce-like bibimbap recommended consulting Dalian sauce-like catering management supply

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Brand: Sauce
unit price: 999.00 yuan / each
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Delivery period: From the date of buyer's payment Shipped within days
Valid until: long term effective
latest update: 2019-12-30 09:29 (6 days ago)

Detailed introduction

Jilin sauce-like bibimbap recommended consulting Dalian sauce-like catering management supply

Salmon bibimbap specialty shop—Dalian sauce like dominates the Dalian food list with salmon bibimbap, and wrapped in avocado salmon rice flavored with strong Hawaiian waves, because of low calories and high protein, it is hot among California fitness people. Then, because of its health, nutrition, and convenience throughout the United States, it became a national-level god cuisine comparable to China's "Yellow Chicken Rice"! In fact, the operation of this divine cuisine is also very simple. In this episode, you will be taught how to make this dish. After fitness, you don't have to worry about what to eat! Ingredients required: 1 avocado, 1 salmon, 1 egg, 1 green onion salt, white sesame, fresh soy sauce, rice, salmon roe Production method: 1. Salmon peeled and diced 2. Avocado peeled and diced 3. Cut onion. 4, Jilin sauce-like bibimbap. Sprinkle some white sesame and fresh soy sauce in the bowl and mix well. 5. Eggs can be put into small bowls. 6. After the water has boiled, reduce the heat, stir the water in the pot into a vortex, pour in egg liquid, Jilin sauce-like bibimbap, remove after 1-2 minutes, Jilin sauce-like bibimbap , Simmered egg shape 7. Prepare rice, cover with salmon avocado and salmon roe. 8. Put on Benedi eggs and sprinkle with white sesame and green onion.

Jilin sauce-like bibimbap

Dalian Fresh Salmon Gourmet Specialty Store _ Sauce Sample Salmon Raw food can be cooked directly, and cod liver oil made from it is also a nutritious product! It is worth mentioning that salmon contains a large amount of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, which help leptin production, *** appetite, and produce a more obvious feeling of fullness after eating. For those who are pursuing a low-fat diet to reduce fat and muscle, high-protein low-calorie salmon is the best choice for eating. About Salmon Salmon is really very nutritious to humans. It contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, but its fat content is relatively low. Therefore, eating salmon is rich in nutrition without weight gain, and can also lower blood lipids and cholesterol. Salmon is also known as the "Ice Sea Queen", which contains Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which can produce skin collagen and skin moisturizing factors in the body of the consumer, and it has the same function as expensive cosmetics.

Jilin sauce-like bibimbap

Dalian Sauce Sample Food Management Co., Ltd. provides Jilin Sauce Sample Bibimbap recommended consulting Dalian Sauce Sample Food Management Supply, Supply, Food and Beverage, Detailed Food Product Price, Product Pictures and other product introduction information. You can directly contact Dalian Sauce Sample Food Management Co., Ltd.

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