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Compared with machine production, manual station groups have an insurmountable advantage. Yilong Business Network has a high-efficiency execution team. It has been committed to search engine research for many years. Practical experience shows that traditional station group software is under the high pressure of Baidu algorithm. The more you fail, the more many users report: After investing a lot of money, the effect is very small!

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Optimization of 50 manual stations

The annual service price is only 6800 yuan , and the effect can be seen in 3 days! Big words 1-2 weeks! Suitable for new users to test the water!

100 manual station groups

The annual service price is only 13,000 yuan , and the effect can be seen in 3 days! Big words 1-2 weeks! Best choice for common users and old users!

200 manual station groups

Incoming calls, to determine the best optimization plan under the joint consultation of technicians of Yilong Business Network!

Customer-specific keyword optimization

Select a search engine and agree on the ranking position, and entrust the "Yilong Business Network" company to perform SEO services!

Google overseas keyword optimization

Through seo optimization, improve the search ranking of the website, break the threshold of Google's promotion of high prices, and allow you to do good overseas marketing and promotion of enterprises at a very low cost!

☞Soft article release

At present, there are 8,000 registered users in the background of Yilong Business Network, and the number of manuscripts posted is around 2000. At the same time, it has reached strategic cooperation with a number of public relations companies.

Yilong Business Network Technology Center

Yilong Business Network has been dedicated to the research of search engines since 2003. It is the earliest batch of website optimization companies in China-in recent years, it has focused on Baidu optimization, Baidu ranking, Baidu seo, integrated network marketing, soft text optimization, and corporate public opinion. Monitoring, we can not only help companies to quickly improve their keyword rankings, but also help companies to promote awareness, reputation, and provide business competitiveness. We are domestic high-quality search engine marketing service providers!

Yilong Business Network Technology Center: Achieve corporate global marketing goals • For a small fee, we focus on overseas media promotion, SEM, soft article release, SEO station group optimization . Optimizing Church has always created social value with a grateful, tolerant, open and responsible heart.

Global Media Marketing Promotion SEO
Yilong Business Network Technology Center ▶ 15 years of Seo experience
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Beijing Guoren Hospital Beijing Guoren Hospital is a key specialty hospital with sophisticated technology, cutting-edge equipment, elegant environment, and first-class services that features epilepsy diagnosis and treatment established in accordance with the national tertiary level hospital standards. The Commission established the Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards For Hospital (JCI) standard, and the hospital treats patients with epilepsy from all over the country! 2019-07-17
Shanghai Jinxin Inverter Shanghai Jinxin is the core strategic distributor of Danfoss, Vacon, Hailip and Delta in China. It owns a domestic leading stock of inventory, and provides customers with a full range of inverter products, after-sales support and technical services at preferential prices. We always adhere to the "market and customer-oriented, take the route of technology and services" to help customers improve their overall competitiveness and become customers' strong support partners. 2019-07-17
Shanghai Taiyuan Packaging Shanghai Taiyuan Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is an excellent packaging company integrating research, design, manufacturing and marketing, focusing on the integration of packaging machinery and packaging materials. Our business philosophy: integrity, professionalism and service! The company produces a variety of packaging machinery materials, complete specifications, packaging machinery: unpacking, sealing machine series, baler series, winding machine series, shrinking machine series, palletizing machine and planning and subsequent packaging fully automated assembly line. Packaging materials we produce: PP packing belt series, PET plastic steel belt series, wrapping film series, tape, etc. 2019-07-17
Shanghai Jianhu Instrument Shanghai Jianhu Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint venture specializing in the production and sales of environmental testing instruments for salt spray boxes, constant temperature and humidity machines, hot and cold shock machines, vibration test machines, mechanical impact machines, and drop test machines. Company that specializes in R & D, production, sales and operation of various types of reliability environmental testing equipment. The company has a registered capital of 10.68 million yuan, has rich experience, and has gained the trust and support of many domestic and foreign manufacturers. 2019-07-17
Shanghai Ruizhan Industrial Model Shanghai Ruizhan is a high-tech professional service organization focusing on the design and production of industrial models, maritime models and animation models. , Constantly looking for new ideas, new technologies, new solutions, tailor-made display models for customers with the best display results. 2019-07-17
Shanghai Jingwu model Jingwu model, which started from Jingwu Sports Association-Jingwumen, was first located on Sichuan North Road in Shanghai. It was formed with the excellent coaches of the national model team and world champion athletes. It was founded in 1991. It is still just a model factory composed of more than a dozen people. After 2 years of development, Shanghai Jingwu Model Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. Jingwu people have always adhered to the spirit of the new era of "self-improvement, surpassing themselves". After more than ten years of development, they have become the leading professional model making base in China. 2019-07-17
Shanghai Yixin Zipper specializes in the design and manufacture of zipper, and the manufacture of high-precision and high-quality molds and accessories, and can customize various special molds according to customer requirements, and the machinery meets customer requirements. 2019-07-16
Beijing Yuecheng Law Firm Beijing Yuecheng Law Firm, established in 1993, has more than 220 practicing lawyers, 12 professional departments: Corporate Business Department, Capital Market, Finance and Insurance Department, Real Estate and Construction Engineering Department, Minerals, Energy and Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of International Business, Ministry of Government Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Media, Intellectual Property Department, Ministry of Labor and Personnel, Medical and Damages Compensation Department, Civil Affairs Department, Criminal Affairs Department. 2019-07-16

User evaluation

We do medical care, and I know a little about seo. The group is more inclined to outsource seo to a professional It company. For so many years, I have selected so many seo companies. Regarding, I chose Yilong Business Network in the second half of last year. I still remember that the ranking was released within 1 week. I just finished talking here and reported to the group. The good news over there came! It really has strength!

Mr. Zhang
Market Operations Department

Some people in the traditional industry say that they don't need to pay too much attention to network marketing. We don't know that it is not the age of "wine fragrance is not afraid of alleys." The optimization rankings have left the old and powerful companies far behind. Our company has also begun to pay attention this year, and has chosen a website optimization company with a try attitude. The report sent to us within a period of less than 2 weeks Let us strengthen our judgment even more, and we will unswervingly follow this correct path!

Miss Xie

Unlike others, we are the kind of small company that just started a business. We do n’t have much budget. We introduced them through friends. Website company marketing representatives warmly welcomed us. After understanding our needs and our budget, we gave us I set up a marketing plan by myself. After 3 months, the first thing I do every day is to search our keywords on Baidu. When I see that our keywords are ranked high, I sincerely admire Yilong Business Network.

Miss Wang

The training companies are very competitive both online and offline. Every year, the budget on the Internet is increasing. Many companies are trying to seize this rich cake on the Internet. At an accidental opportunity, we came into contact with Yi. The person in charge of Long Business Network, talk down and let us benefit a lot! We are assured to outsource our internet marketing to such companies

Mr. Xu
IT department

Core competence

▲ Enterprises can submit keywords freely, cloud platform screening, and quickly achieve rankings within 1-2 weeks;

▲ The company submits the thesaurus again ... Repeatedly, big data keeps accumulating and ranking effect keeps accumulating;

▲ Advertisement is available 365 days a day, and the cumulative traffic share of the year is far ahead!

▲ Controllable cost, controllable time, controllable risk, and effective results!

24-hour commissioner online: 13124715607 Mr. Wang

Problems that companies often face

〓The website is beautifully designed, but there is almost no online consultation every day! Find the perfect solution for Beijing website ...


I did Baidu bidding promotion, too many malicious clicks! Find the perfect solution for Beijing website ...


〓The website is handed over to the seo guerrillas, the cycle is long, no one can be found! Find the perfect solution for Beijing website ...


〓The company recruits seo technology to set up its own server, the cost is too high in the long run! Find the perfect solution for Beijing website ...


Seo Director

Website core R & D staff, well-known domestic SEO combat marketing expert, years of SEO combat experience!

Seo Daniel

Over the years, we have been committed to providing big data SEO solutions for the medical industry, and truly solving problems such as difficult medical SEO rankings, poor conversion, and Baidu K station blocking.

Reverse programming

The core R & D staff of the website, focusing on reversely cracking search engine syntax and fingerprint technology, optimizing articles, templates, and feature libraries, thoroughly solving the latest original articles, SEO-friendly template optimization ...

Signing is not over, service just started

Yilong Business Network looks forward to cooperating with you, once cooperation, life-long friends!

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