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Basic Information

Valuation of old Patek Philippe watches is welcomed.

Valuation of old Patek Philippe watches is welcomed

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Brand: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Longines, Tag Heuer, Tissot
unit price: Negotiable
MOQ: 1 piece
Total Supply: 1000 pieces
Delivery period: From the date of buyer's payment Shipped within days
Valid until: long term effective
latest update: 2019-12-30 09:10 (1 day ago)

Detailed introduction

Valuation of old Patek Philippe watches is welcomed

Second-hand watch recycling agency chain luxury network, is one of the more professional recycling agencies in the industry. Second, the watch has been collected for more than ten years, and has considerable experience. It has huge customer traffic, a mature and mature trading system, and the penetration rate in the industry. It has a strong ability to integrate the industrial chain and control the watch recycling standards. Advantage. With the continuous development of business, strategic partnerships have been reached with multiple companies, and business recycling outlets are also located throughout the country, further reducing the cost of recycling transactions, improving the efficiency of watch recycling and benefiting more consumers. Watch recycling transactions are facilitated. This watch is a Zenith ELPRIMERO series, equipped with an ElPrimero 4021 automatic mechanical movement, with a chronograph function, a diameter of 42 mm and a water resistance of 100 meters. But maybe many people do n’t know that such a legendary movement has also encountered the thrill of almost “destroying”. Of course, the old Patek Philippe watch was recovered and evaluated, and it still survived the old Patek Philippe watch. At that time, the historical background was that the watchmaking industry in the 1970s and 1980s suffered a serious shock from the quartz movement revolution. At that time, the brand controller Zenith Radio Corporation (the American company) ordered the complete destruction of this movement and all production of this movement. Equipment (ps, I do n’t know how to get so much hate at that time, it is still completely helpless, it is said that it is necessary to align with the quartz movement through such an incomprehensible behavior ***), the old Patek Philippe watch is recycled and evaluated . Fortunately, however, it was still protected by a watchmaker with deep feelings for this movement, perhaps because the true watchmaker * loved and distressed these devices and instruments.

Valuation of old Patek Philippe watches is a professional second-hand brand recycling platform with a team of certified quality appraisers. It provides free quote quote service, second-hand watch recycling market assessment, gold recycling price trend forecast, diamond recycling international quote query, bag recycling authenticity assessment. Comprehensive services such as assessment. Chain belongs to Shanghai Luxury Cable Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in the identification of famous watches for many years. It is scientific, professional and highly credible, and has been well received by customers! Let you feel the value of the product while you own it. You only need to make a call to solve your urgent needs easily, we will fully reflect the greater value of your items! Guarantee your value for money. Free on-site service (no charge)! Cash settlement after acceptance, long-term cooperation, Tianjin, where interested in recycling watches, please contact our customer service! Shop around, choose the one you trust most based on service, price, and guarantee expert.

Valuation of old Patek Philippe watches

New and old watches are recycled. Honest and trustworthy, face-to-face settlement. Integrity watch recycling platform chain luxury network recycling second-hand watches, the price is higher than the market recycling price. Chain Luxury Network Watch Recycling Company is a regular watch recycling company. It has its own recycling outlets in many cities across the country. In order to expand business and solve customer needs, the company provides a series of services such as free identification and evaluation, so that customers' idle watches can solve difficult problems easily and quickly. The most complex watch ever produced by Zenith is the ChristopheColombHurricane Columbus Hurricane, which features a sesame chain constant force mechanism and a gyroscope that keeps the balance of hairsprings level, but it is asking for nearly $ 300,000. Now you can buy the slightly simpler GeorgesFavre-Jacot Sesame Chain Tourbillon Watch for less than half the more affordable price. The Zenith *** only Sesame Chain with Tourbillon function . Deep blue reflects mature wisdom; the delicate circle enjoys the fun of time. The new work perfectly inherits the iconic features of the classic classics of the blue balloon series-the attractive crown made of oversized convex round sapphire, and the round and non-circular streamlined case-but it is also new and leading the trend. Whether it is the Cartier Blue Balloon series chronograph, dial-set diamond watch or ultra-thin watch, it will become a good choice of luxury taste in the fusion of innovation and classic.

Valuation of old Patek Philippe watches

Shanghai Shesuo Technology Co., Ltd. provides the old Patek Philippe watch collection and valuation. Welcome to consult the luxury chain supply, supply, business services, other business services, detailed product prices, product pictures and other product introduction information. You can directly contact Shanghai Shesuo Technology Co., Ltd.

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