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Basic Information

Picture of single and double wall corrugated seepage pipe

Single and double wall corrugated seepage pipe

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Brand: Unify
size: DN300
Ring stiffness: SN8
length: 6000mm
unit price: Negotiable
MOQ: 6 meters
Total Supply:
Delivery period: 天内发货 Shipped within 3 days from buyer's payment
Valid until: 2018-12-28 [Expired]
latest update: 2018-11-28 18:22 (402 days ago)

Detailed introduction

Single and double wall corrugated seepage pipe

TONGSU Tongsu high-strength seepage pipe (PE, PVC)

HDPE,PVC-U波纹管通过在凹槽处打孔,管外四周外包针土工布加工而成,根据波纹管类型可分为单壁渗水管和双壁渗水管。 The seepage corrugated pipe is HDPE. PVC-U corrugated pipe is punched in the groove, and the outer circumference of the pipe is processed with needle geotextiles. According to the type of the corrugated pipe, it can be divided into single wall soak pipe and double wall soak pipe.

Single and double wall corrugated seepage pipes, the orifice is located in the wave valley. Due to the two-way action of the wave crest and the filter fabric, the orifice is not easy to block, ensuring the smooth flow of the seepage system. The hole of the seepage bellows is in the trough and has a long shape, which effectively addresses the disadvantages of flat round hole products that are easily blocked and affect the drainage effect.

10mm*1mm-30mm*3mm,并且可以在360度、270度、180度、90度等范围内均匀分布,广泛用于公路、铁路路基、地铁工程、废弃物填埋场、隧道、绿化带、运动场、及含水量偏高引起的边坡防护等排水领域,以及农业、园艺、之地下灌溉、排水系统。 According to different drainage requirements, the size of the pipe hole can be 10mm * 1mm-30mm * 3mm, and can be evenly distributed in the range of 360 degrees, 270 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees, etc., widely used in highway, railway subgrade, subway engineering , Waste landfills, tunnels, green belts, sports fields, and slope protection caused by high water content, and drainage areas, as well as agriculture, horticulture, underground irrigation, and drainage systems. It, together with soft permeable pipes and plastic blind ditches, have become the three main products in China's civil engineering construction (seepage and drainage).

Product performance:

1.Guided drainage of leachate and landfill gas, excellent mechanical strength, and resistance to environmental stress cracking,

2.Selected the corresponding production process, fully considered the effects of melt pressure, shrinkage and other factors, so that the product has excellent, tensile strength, bending strength, resistance to environmental stress cracking, and meet the requirements of a certain external load

3. The HDPE infiltration pipe is suitable for the drainage and drainage of landfill leachate in the landfill site, and the transportation and drainage of landfill gas. The soil layer under the infiltration pipe must be solid, and the hole must be opened on the infiltration pipe and the above Gravel and side gravel should be filled, backfilled with soil and garbage, and then rolled when it reaches a certain height, benefit analysis, waste sanitary landfill is an important method of garbage disposal, compared with other treatment methods, with less technical resources, and its landfill After completion, the ecological restoration and reuse can be carried out, and the HDPE infiltration pipe of the landfill should be able to be in the landfill or decades after landfill to ensure that it is not damaged by corrosion, thereby ensuring the safety of the landfill, In turn, it has obvious environmental and social benefits.

main feature

1. Drainage safety: The orifice is located in the wave valley. Due to the two-way action of the wave peak and the filtering fabric, the orifice is not easy to block, ensuring the smooth flow of the water-permeable system.

2. Corrosion resistance: Compared with soft spring drainage pipes, plastics are not easy to rust.

3. Organic combination of strength and flexibility: The unique double corrugated structure effectively improves the external pressure strength of the product, and the drainage system will not be deformed by external pressure to affect the drainage effect.

4. Economic type: Compared with other drainage pipes of the same caliber, its price is lower.

Main Specifications

1 Press vertically to 40% of the outer diameter, and immediately unload, the sample will not crack and delaminate.

2. Under the condition of temperature of 0 degree and height of 1 meter, use a weight of 1KG to impact 10 times, and it should not crack more than 9 times.

3. The inner wall is even and smooth, and the permeable holes are evenly below 1/2 of the trough height. The number of holes punched above 1/2 of the trough height is not more than 10% of the total.

4.Permeable area ≥45cm 2 / M

5.Vertical shrinkage rate ≤ 3.0%

6.Bend degree% ≤2.7 Ring stiffness≥6.3KN / m2


1. Longitudinal and lateral drainage and water permeability of expressways

2. Vertical and horizontal drainage on the back and side trenches of various retaining walls of expressways

3. Drainage of tunnels and underpasses

4. Water supply and drainage of municipal engineering, water purification plants, sewage plants, garbage dumps, etc.

5. Soil and water conservation for slope development

6. Underground drainage for site preparation works

Guangdong Tongsu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. provides single and double wall corrugated seepage pipes, supply, construction materials, pipe fittings, construction materials pipes, detailed product prices, product pictures and other product introduction information. You can directly contact Guangdong Tongsu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

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