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PE water pipe new raw material production water pipe quality assurance manufacturers pictures

PE water pipe new raw material production water pipe quality assurance manufacturers

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Brand: Unify
size: 315
Standard size ratio: 17
pressure: 1.0
unit price: 799.80 yuan / meter
MOQ: 6 meters
Total Supply: 50000 meters
Delivery period: 天内发货 Shipped within 3 days from buyer's payment
Valid until: 2018-12-28 [Expired]
latest update: 2018-11-28 18:22 (402 days ago)

Detailed introduction

PE water pipe new raw material production water pipe quality assurance manufacturers

PE给水管 TONGSU Tongsu PE Water Supply Pipe

HD PE(聚乙烯)材料制作,由于其强度高、耐腐蚀、无毒等特点,广泛的应用于建筑给水,建筑排水,埋地排水管,建筑采暖、输气管,电工与电讯保护套管、工业用管、农业用管等。 Tongsu PE water pipe is made of high-density HD PE (polyethylene) material. Due to its high strength , corrosion resistance and non-toxicity, it is widely used in building water supply, building drainage, buried drainage pipes, building heating and gas pipeline , Electrical and telecommunication protective casing, industrial pipes, agricultural pipes, etc. Because it does not rust, it is an ideal pipe to replace ordinary iron water pipes.

Tongsu's PE water supply pipe implements the national product standard: GB / T 13663-2000 "Polyethylene (PE) pipe for water supply".

HDPE给水管性能特点 Performance characteristics of Tongsu HDPE water supply pipe

1. Good sanitary performance without any toxic additives in the pipeline.

2. The inner wall of the pipe is smooth, does not scale, and does not breed bacteria

3. Good corrosion resistance

4. Strong impact resistance, good resistance to stress cracking, and good resistance to rapid crack transmission.

5. Good low temperature resistance

6. Light weight, aging resistance and long service life. 50年以上 The service life of polyethylene pipes is more than 50 years

7. Good abrasion resistance and good scratch resistance.

8.Convenient construction and installation, convenient transportation

9. The connection is safe and reliable, and does not leak. A variety of new construction methods, which can be operated with water and air, and can be repaired with air and water fixtures.

Guangdong Tongsu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. provides new raw materials for PE water supply pipes, water supply pipe quality assurance manufacturers, supply, construction materials, pipe fittings, construction materials, detailed product prices, product pictures and other product introduction information. You can directly contact Guangdong Tongsu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

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