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Zhengzhou Yushuo Handmade Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Tea Art Training, Zhengdong District Tea Education Training Institution for Children, Economic Development Zone Juvenile Tea Training Institution

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Yu, Treasure also; Master, beautiful, practice beauty in life-Yushuo Tea Academy, under Zhengzhou Yushuo Handmade Culture Communication Co., Ltd. It is the national tea art teacher qualification certificate collection unit, the national tea appraiser qualification certificate collection unit, and the Henan Tea Art Culture Exchange Association Vice President Unit. With a strong faculty team and rich professional training experience, the original and constructive integration of tea culture and Chinese study etiquette and innovation, and practice in life aesthetics. [ Detailed introduction ]
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Zhengzhou Yushuo Handmade Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

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    Zhengzhou Tea Arts Training, Zhengdong District Children's Tea Arts Training Institution, Economic Development

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    88 Jinshui East Road, Zhengzhou

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