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Changchun Zeyan Trading Company

Smart home, home theater, audio, acoustics, sound insulation, acoustic design, theater decoration light control, power amplifier, projection ...

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Siping Home Theater Design + Siping Smart Lighting Design Picture

Siping Home Theater Design + Siping Intelligent Lighting Design

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Detailed introduction

Siping Home Theater Design + Siping Intelligent Lighting Design

‰ 【Changchun Zeyan Trading Co., Ltd. Manager Yang 18104312780】

ATI ,品质更有保障,是目前东北地区规模大的智能影音系统集成商。 Changchun Zeyan Trading Co., Ltd. is the agent of American Jieshi, Danish Zumbo, Fai Lisheng, American Sonnex, Yamaha, and American ATI . The quality is more guaranteed. It is currently the largest intelligent audio and video system integrator in Northeast China. .
crestron (美国快思聪)、 control4 LUTRON (美国路创)等; Smart home: crestron (Crestron), control4 , LUTRON ( Lutron , USA), etc .;
KLIPSCH (美国杰士)、 JAMO (丹麦尊宝)、 YAMAHA (日本雅马哈)、 Onkyo (日本安桥)、 SONANCE (美国所能士)、 elipson (法国伊丽声)、 Norstone (法国音石线材)、 SONY (日本索尼)、 Optoma (美国奥图码投影)、 ATI (美国 ATI 功放)、 Panasonic (松下蓝光)、 NAD (英国 NAD 功放)等; Home theater: KLIPSCH , JAMO , Yamaha, Onkyo , SONANCE , elipson , French, Norstone Stone wire), SONY (Japan Sony), Optoma (American Optoma projection), ATI (American ATI amplifier), Panasonic (Panasonic Blu-ray), NAD (UK NAD amplifier), etc.
* 影音集成商,致力于向社会精英阶 /层提供设计、产品、施工及安装调试、售后服务为一体的整体解决方案,真/正做到客户省心。 The overall solution allows you to have more peace of mind. Intelligent audio and video is positioned as a mid-to-high / end intelligent * audio and video integrator, and is committed to providing the social elite with a total solution of design, product, construction, installation and commissioning, and after-sales service. , Really / Being Safe for Customers. Provide you with butler-style services to ensure node acceptance and camera preservation to ensure your project safety / security.
British-style butler service, after-sales service is more at ease. Customer service will choose telephone guidance or on-site repair according to your failure to ensure that the problem is resolved as soon as possible. The regular construction site has a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance (the equipment will provide the corresponding warranty as promised by the manufacturer).
" 诚信、专 / 业、服务 " 的经营宗旨,认真钻研,稳步发展,用先进经营理念,已经发展成为东北地区有一定规模的集高 / 端私人影院定制、家庭背景音乐、家庭卡拉 OK 、全宅家居智能,多功能会议系统,监控安防等业务为一体的整体解决方案提供商。 Zeyan Intelligent Video Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the business tenet of " Integrity, Professionalism / Service, and Service. " Music, home karaoke , smart home, multi-functional conference system, monitoring and security services as one integrated solution provider.
—上海尊宝建立战略合作。 During continuous development, we have established strategic cooperation with Shanghai Zunbao, a well-known domestic intelligent audio-visual design company, from the company's long-term development and attitude of being responsible to the market and customers .
THX/ISF 双认证影音顾问 2 名,专 /业技术工程人员多名。 We have been actively introducing domestic and international design concepts and cutting-edge mature technologies to Jilin, so as to achieve integration of personnel, design, technology, products, models, and services. The company has a deep technical and experienced development and technical team There are many engineers and video consultants who have obtained various professional / professional certifications, including two THX / ISF dual-certified video and audio consultants, and multiple professional / technical engineers. Supplemented by the company's computer management system and perfect service system, we can provide you with comprehensive, thoughtful and comprehensive personalized services.
Please believe it! 200 平米以上的样板展示体验店,欢迎您前来参观指导。 We will create the cinema you are satisfied with with the most professional and professional design and sincere service. We have a model display experience shop of more than 200 square meters in Jilin area . You are welcome to visit and guide. /质音响产品,更专注于提供私人影院全/面解决方案! Not only provide excellent / quality audio products, but also focus on providing full / surface solutions for private theaters!

Contact: Manager Yang

Phone: 18104312780

805214211 QQ : 805214211


A4 813 / 长春市赛德广场居然之家 5F Address: Room 813 , Block A4 , Mingyu Financial Plaza , Changchun City / 5F , Actual House, Saidian Plaza, Changchun

Changchun Zeyan Trading Co., Ltd. provides Siping home theater design + Siping intelligent lighting design, supply, household appliances, audiovisual equipment, audio products, detailed product prices, product pictures and other product introduction information. You can directly contact Changchun Zeyan Trading Co., Ltd.

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