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Shanghai Zhuoying Import & Export Co., Ltd. Food Import Clearance Division

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Belgian food company record agent Import Declaration
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比利时食品企业备案代理 —— 上海卓鹰——专注食品进口代理报关行业12年! " Belgian Food Enterprise Recording Agent " -Shanghai Zhuoying-Focus on food import agent declaration industry for 12 years!


Honey import declaration, honey import clearance, honey import agent, honey import qualification, honey import process, honey import filing, one-stop honey import service! Focus on import clearance! Clear customs quickly and efficiently! Import, choose Zhuo Ying for honey clearance, carefree and other receipts!

Service Value of Zhuoying:

1. Professional bonded general / constant temperature / frozen food commodity inspection filing warehouse.

2. Provide food label preliminary review service, the pass rate is 90%, of which fermented wine and distilled liquor pass rate is 100%;

10天左右获得食品卫生证书,特殊情况可加急。 3 , 10 days to obtain a food hygiene certificate, special circumstances can be expedited.

4. Provide imported food qualifications, no need to worry about the problem of unqualified imported foods.

5, one-to-one documentary service, dedicated staff, efficient service.

6, years of experience in importing food, good commodity inspection at the port, customs relations make your cargo clearer.

Zhuoying Import Agent Foods Scope of Services:

1. Grain and products: various food processing products, such as instant noodles;

2. Edible oil: refers to vegetable and animal edible oils, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, animal oil, etc .;

3. Dairy products: refers to milk powder, yogurt and other foods that belong to dairy products;

4. General consumer food: canned foods, candied fruits, biscuits, chocolate, etc.

5. Cold food: refers to solid frozen ready-to-eat foods, such as ice cream and butter;

6. Beverage: refers to liquid and solid drinks, such as carbonated drinks, soft drinks, fruity water, mineral drinks, malted milk, etc .;

7. Distilled wine, formulated wine, fermented wine: such as brandy, fruit wine, wine, beer;

8. Seasoning: refers to soy sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, salt and other compound seasonings;

9. New resource food: refers to the product category referred to as "new resource food" in accordance with the "New Resource Food Hygiene Management Measures";

Special services: wine, dairy products, small package foods, beverages, food ingredients, food additives.

Zhuoying Import Food Service Project:

1. Import international logistics / overseas delivery

2.Import Free Trade Zone food storage / constant temperature storage

3.Import food design

4. Chinese food label design / examination / recording of imported food

5. Customs inspection of imported food

6. Imported food, milk, olive oil and other qualified delivery

7. Import domestic logistics delivery

8. One-stop food import supply chain service!

Zhuoying Food & Wine Import Qualifications:

Zouin food and wine im ported qualifications

+ Zhuoying has its own food distribution and wine wholesale qualifications.

+ Zhuoying has obtained the membership of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Native Animal Husbandry.

+ Zhuoying is an import and export qualification of enterprises in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone.

+ Zhuoying obtained the qualification for food and wine consignee filing.

+ Zhuoying's own food and wine price dynamic evaluation system.

+ Exclusive department of Zhuoying Food & Wine Project Department.

Country of origin of Zhuoying imported food:

Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Paraguay, Spain, Italy, Chile, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Greece, Bulgaria, Norway, United States, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Taiwan, Denmark.

Frequently Asked Questions on Imported Food

Q: Why do I need a health certificate?

A: The relevant laws and regulations require that only a health certificate can be obtained for sale on the market.

Q: What is the customs clearance process for imported food? What information needs to be provided?

A: The simple process is as follows: record for the consignee and consignor-pre-examination of commodity inspection label-report inspection-customs clearance-inspection-release-issue health certificate In addition to regular documents, a certificate of origin, a foreign health certificate, a record of the consignor and consignor of imported food, a copy of the business license, a label sample and translation, a nutritional analysis certificate and a translation, and 6 other instructions are required.

Q: How can I import food?

A: The business unit must have a food business scope on the company's business license. If a license is involved, it must be operated with a license. The consignee and consignor of imported food must go through the filing process. Chilled animal food must be stored in a warehouse registered by the inspection and quarantine agency.

Import food clearance time ( within 5-15 varieties)

Customs clearance: 1.5 working days

Inbound transportation: 2 working days

Import declaration: 5 working days (if the information is complete, it does not include waiting for customers to pay taxes)

Quotation inspection: 1 working day

Commodity inspection sampling: 2 working days

Label filing: 2 working days

Sanitary certificate: 3-5 working days (after the completion of label filing and commodity inspection sampling results)

Imported food matters needing attention:

1. If you want to enjoy the agreed tax rate, you need to provide the original certificate of origin and the original manufacturer's invoice.

2. The validity period of the certificate of origin is one year from the date of issuance, and the agreement rate will not be enjoyed beyond this time.

3. Goods arriving at the port for more than one month cannot enter the bonded area

4. Customs Supervision Information: Food generally requires an A-Certificate (Customs Clearance Form for Inbound Goods)

Reasons to choose Zhuoying

-Assist customers to solve unexpected problems in the customs declaration process.

-Pre-examination / design of Chinese labels, the label approval rate is 90%.

-Tailored professional / compliance customs clearance process for customers.

-Help customers to reasonably plan issues such as commodity inspection sampling.

-Assist customers to find sources of supply.

-Has a food filing warehouse of the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, eliminating the need to drag the entire batch of goods to the inspection and quarantine inspection site, saving customers logistics costs and avoiding unnecessary damage during the inspection process.

-Belgian food company record agent

Zhuoying Daily News Sharing: The Shanghai Economic Development Report (2018) released by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences on the 10th shows that in 2017, Shanghai ’s total economic volume has steadily increased, and its industrial structure has been basically stable. The new economy continues to inject new momentum into economic growth. The growth momentum is diversified. This report is based on the macroeconomic data of Shanghai in the first three quarters of 2017. It mainly demonstrates and analyzes the practice and exploration of Shanghai in building a modern economic system in 2017 from the perspective of the construction of free trade pilot zones and the development of the real economy. Predict trends. The report proposes that since 2017, Shanghai's macroeconomic operation has exhibited the following characteristics: the economic aggregate has steadily increased, and the economic structure has been basically stable; the three major demands have come together, and the momentum of economic growth has been diversified; the actors have their own benefits and economic efficiency has continued to improve. Among them, the six major industrial industries have obvious internal differentiation, strategic emerging industries have a good momentum of development, and the development of the financial and real estate industries has returned to rationality. The two major strategies are advancing steadily. Construction of Science and Technology Innovation Center: "Science + Innovation" will work together. Construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone: The system continues to innovate. The report states that in the first three quarters of 2017, Shanghai's GDP reached 21.61752 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of 7.0% over the same period last year (calculated at comparable prices). This is because Shanghai's economic growth has fallen below 7% in early 2015. After steady development in 2016, economic growth has continued to improve, and the growth rate has steadily climbed. By the third quarter of 2017, the growth rate has returned to 7% again. The “Four New” economy in Shanghai is constantly emerging, especially the rapid development of social services related to the Internet, which has injected new impetus into the sustainable development of the economy. Data show that in the first three quarters of 2017, the growth rate of Shanghai's social service industry during the same period was 9.4%, much higher than the growth rate of the tertiary industry and GDP (gross domestic product). Among them, the software and information technology services industry experienced the fastest growth, at 19.7%; the leasing and business services industries accounted for the highest proportion; other Internet-related industries, scientific research, and technical services industries all achieved rapid growth. "Various types of sharing economy have penetrated into traditional industries, and the 'Internet +' tourism, transportation, culture, sports, health, pension and other industries have flourished," said Di Junpeng, a representative of the research group and a doctor of economics. The report shows that in 2018, the probability of Shanghai's macroeconomic growth trend in the baseline scenario is 72.5%, and the economic growth rate is expected to remain at 6.9%. Under the benchmark scenario, the external environment is that GDP growth of developed economies is the same as in the first three quarters of 2017, net exports have maintained steady growth, the Federal Reserve has scaled back interest rates, increased capital outflows, and the internal environment has steadily increased consumption. Industrial investment and Profit growth is stable. However, the report also pointed out that the current economic operation of Shanghai has a weak foundation for sustained economic growth, the innovation power of new enterprises and the competitiveness of old enterprises need to be improved, and institutional innovation needs to be strengthened. The report suggests that Shanghai should adhere to "stability" and advance, and continue to deepen reform and opening up, promote coordinated and integrated development of the industry, and solidify its economic foundation. In addition, it is necessary to solve the "two areas of technology and industry development" in science and technology innovation. Issues, strengthen the linkage between high-tech parks and high-end manufacturing parks, give full play to the advantages of state-owned enterprise capital, and continue to promote technological and institutional innovation.

“新旧机电、食品酒类、原木木材、化工原料、妆化*、杂货原料” 6 大类货类共 1600 多种商品为细分物流服务,力求精准高效地服务于客户。 Zhuoying Import Logistics Project, specializing in "new and used machinery and electronics, food and wine, raw wood, chemical raw materials, cosmetics *, grocery raw materials" 6 categories of goods with a total of more than 1,600 products for subdivision logistics services, and strive to accurately and efficiently Serve customers. “三点一线(即卖点、买点、航线及操作点)”的标准整合了海内外优质物流配套使用资源,在沿海主要进口枢纽港,依据不同产品需求整合了优质物流资源,涵括船公司、关务、仓储、保税区服务、进出口权、行业资质许可、货物金融服务、物流配送等物流资源。 At present, Zhuoying integrates domestic and overseas high-quality logistics supporting resources with the standard of “three points and one line (that is, selling points, buying points, routes and operating points)”, and integrates high-quality logistics resources at major import hub ports along the coast according to different product needs. , Including shipping companies, customs services, warehousing, bonded area services, import and export rights, industry qualification licenses, cargo financial services, logistics and other logistics resources.

“公司有多大,社会责任就有多大”的经营理念。 Zhuoying Import Logistics aims to provide enthusiasm, innovation and professional service, and firmly believes in the business philosophy of "how big a company is, how big is social responsibility". Zhuoying logistics solutions are presented to each client as an "integrated logistics solution expert" and a "consultant-dedicated secretary service" concept service. The company has always paid attention to and strengthened the e-commerce logistics system to improve service level and service efficiency to a large extent. ”管理系统,系统涵括“数据中心、操作数控中心、物资 ( 物流资源 ) 数控中心、财控数控中心、案例数据中心及系统监控中心 ”等多个模块,以较优组合建立“标准进口物流”服务体系。 Therefore, Zhuoying created an exclusive " ZOUIN logistics supply chain " management system, which includes "data center, operation CNC center, material ( logistics resource ) CNC center, financial control CNC center, case data center and system monitoring center ", etc. Multiple modules to establish a "standard import logistics" service system with a better combination.

Zhuoying diversified services. In order to meet the different needs of cargo owners, we strive to have a more advantageous logistics solution. We provide professional guidance and advice on logistics links such as routes, shipowners, terminals, customs clearance, etc. for different products and different ports. At the same time, we provide diversified logistics solutions. . Zhuoying has been expanding the comprehensive business coordination scope of international logistics supply chain diversification and striving to create a better service platform.

Zhuoying always adheres to the principle of serving customers wholeheartedly. Utilizing rich business experience, good logistics management and good working relationships with various government departments, choose the best operation method for customers, and complete the customer's commission smoothly with the fastest speed and appropriate cost. At the same time, Shanghai Zhuoying also provides trade consulting related to import and export trade, helping more domestic and foreign enterprises and individuals to become faster and better familiar with China's import and export business processes and related regulations and policies. Business experience and skills for the smooth sailing of import and export trade for their respective companies. In addition, Shanghai Zhuoying will also make use of its existing domestic and foreign trade networks and product knowledge to provide corresponding product consulting to domestic and foreign customers so that their products can smoothly enter the international and domestic markets. There are more than 100 countries that have had good cooperation with Shanghai Zhuoying, covering all continents of the world. Therefore, they have a corresponding understanding of the import and export policies of various countries. Cooperation is convenient and easy.

Zhuo Ying's Daily Quotes: Wisdom first teaches people to distinguish right from wrong. —— Yuwai Na

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